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Expected PPB Questions For JAIIB Exam : JAIIB Exam November cycle registrations has already started, and the exam will take place in November 2022. There are three subjects in JAIIB Exam i.e. Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting and Finance for Bankers, and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking. These three consist of 120 questions each with maximum marks being 100. PPB is one of the sections which is there in JAIIB exam, as we have already mentioned. Candidates preparing for JAIIB must be aware about the type of questions asked in PPB paper. So, here in this blog we have compiled 100 top questions that can be asked in the JAIIB exam 2022. You can download this E-book for free just by clicking on the link below.

Download PPB Questions For JAIIB Exam

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PPB Questions for JAIIB

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PPB Questions for JAIIB

What’s there in PPB Questions PDF?

PPB Questions for JAIIB

Questions’ Overview from the PDF

Question 1) Cash Reserve Ratio decided by RBI under Section …………Act
1. Section 42 of RBI Act
2. Section 42 of BR Act
3. Section 42(1) of RBI Act
4. Section 42(1) of BR Act
Answer : 3

Question 2. Distribution of Insurance products as Corporate Agents is called …………
1. Insurance selling
2. Bancassurance
3. Indemnity
4. Insurance guarantee
Answer : 2

Question 3. Call money is available for ……….
1. One day
2. Two day
3. Seven days
4. Fifteen days
Answer : 1

Question 4. Cost push inflation is due to…….
1. High demand
2. Low demand
3.low cost of production
4.High cost of production
Answer : 4

Question 5. Contract to perform the promise or discharge the liability of a third person in case of his default can be termed as………
1. Bill finance
3. guarantee
4. insurance
Answer : 3

You can also watch a video on JAIIB Exam PPB MCQs. This is an entire video series, which you can watch in order to prepare better for JAIIB exam.

That is all from our side in this blog. keep reading 😀


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