Success Story of Avinaash R – Cleared RBI Grade B 2021

Read the success story of Avinaash R, a postgraduate in Development Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Go through his preparation strategy and the long wait for success.

Success Story of Avinaash R

I’m Avinaash, a postgraduate in Development Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. My interests span across politics, society and economics. In my free time, I like to play cricket, solve crosswords, and travel.

Avinaash’s Preparation Strategy

It was a long, sometimes tiring, journey. But it was ultimately rewarding. What I realized are consistent and regular effort matters. I also learnt a lot of interesting things along the way.

For all subjects and areas, my main focus was solving questions. Through them, I could clarify doubts, remember concepts and facts well. With these questions as a base, reading through subject-wise notes and current affairs compilations became much easier.

Role of Oliveboard Avinaash’s Success

Oliveboard’s materials and test series were very good. I realized that a lot of questions were reflected in the actual exam. They also helped me in getting facts and points for the subjective answers.

Avinaash’s Tips For Aspirants

Tests and questions. That’s it. Do start as soon as you can, spend time with solutions for all questions.

RBI Grade B Online Course 2022 – By Oliveboard

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Course Details

RBI Grade B cracker course is designed to cover the complete syllabus for the 3 most important subjects: 

  1. GA for Phase 1
  2. Objective + Descriptive portions of ESI for Phase 2 exam. 
  3. Objective + Descriptive portions of F&M for Phase 2 exam. 

Not just that, it also includes Mock Tests & Live Strategy Sessions for English, Quant & Reasoning for Phase 1.

The course aims to complete your preparation in time for the release of the official notification.


RBI Grade B 2022 Online Course Offerings

Video Lessons & Study Notes Mock Tests
  • 90+ Video Classes for ESI & FM
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  • 6 Descriptive Mock Tests (ESI & FM)
  • 30 Objective Mock Tests (15 – ESI & 15 – FM)
  • 10 Full-Length Mock Tests for Phase 1
  • 75+ Topic Tests for each chapter of ESI & FM (1 Markers & 2 Markers)

 *We will get your ESI & FM descriptive answers evaluated!

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