Success Story of Gopeesankar G- Cleared IBPS PO 2018

Read the Success Story of Gopeesankar G, who was so determined to become a Bank PO that even after getting failure in 9 Banking exams and 5 Interviews in a duration of 3 years, he did not lose hope and went on to clear IBPS PO in 2018.

Here is his inspiring story:

Hi Everyone, “It is easy to frame a success story but getting a chance to write it was never that easy”.I am Gopeesankar from Kerala. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate who passed out in 2013 from SCT College of Engineering,Trivandrum. While pursuing my Engineering degree I got placed in one of the leading IT companies in India and I joined in January,2014. Having worked there for 2.5 years, I realized that my career was not shaping well enough in the IT sector. My father is a retired Bank employee of South Indian Bank and being an engineer, I thought banking can be a good option.

But questions creeped up so soon.

– Where to start?

– What to study?

– Is coaching needed?

– Which all exams should I prepare for?

– Should I resign from the current job?

I have decided not to quit from the current employer as I was not aware how easy or tough it is to crack a Bank exam. I have decided to appear for PO exams of Public sector banks and I felt that I should crack exams without coaching because amidst my hectic schedule at my present job, coaching can be very tiresome. And the next two was the difficult ones.

Where to Start and What to Study?

EXAM #1_SBI PO_2016-17:

I wrote my 1st PO exam in May 2016. As I was good in Mathematics,cracking Prelims was not a tough task. But Mains was not that easy. I could not clear it. Infact missed by a fair margin (GK was the toughest section). So I realized, present style of preparations may not take me to my goal. After some research and with the help of a friend, I realized Oliveboard can be the best online portal that can guide me through Mains exam. I started preparing for the exams by attempting Mock exams which were of good standards. I prepared well and hoped to crack the next exam.

EXAM #2_RRB_PO_2017:

I kind of underestimated the Prelims exam (exam was a bit tricky) and could not qualify.

EXAM #3_IBPS_PO_2016-17:

And thanks to Oliveboard Mocks, Affairs Cloud App and Hindu News App, I cleared the Prelims and Mains and attended my 1st Bank Interview. Interview went really well (secured 70/100). Unfortunately my Mains score was just 2.25 marks above the cut off and because of which I was not able to make it to the final list. (Missed Final Cut off by 4 marks) (Dreams Shattered).

BUT NO GIVING UP. As one said, ‘hang around the barber shop, sooner or later, you are gonna get a haircut’, I started preparing for the next exam.

EXAM #4_SBI_PO_2017-18:

I prepared well and cleared Prelims but again Mains was very tough (QA section was the toughest one). Missed Mains by 1.5 marks. But I was kind of OK that I was feeling from my inside that gradually I am getting better at it, getting nearer to it. (Got Married) – Best Thing happened to me.

EXAM #5_RRB_PO_2017-18:

Keeping in mind last years RRB PO Prelims, I have given an extra focus in improving my speed in solving Reasoning and Quant sections and I cracked Prelims and Mains with ease. Wow. That I felt Awesome. But this time it was another scenario. Appeared for the Interview and the panel thrashed me asking about why I am moving from IT after 3 years. Every hopes thrashed. And as expected, I was not able to make it to the final list once again. (Missed Final Cut Off by 3.4 marks)

EXAM #6_IBPS_PO_2017-18:

Almost a similar scenario as RRB PO. Cleared Prelims and Mains (12 marks more than cut off) and same story. Interview panel was so rude and secured just 50/100 and for the 3rd time I was not able to make it to the final list. By this time, I was totally in a state of mind where I kept asking myself ‘Should I invest more time and chase it again or should I give up’.

But my belief in God kept me strong and helped me in taking wise decisions. 3rd exam season to follow and the toughest one. 6 exams done and dusted with so much of progress but missing the finishing line narrowly.

EXAM #7_SBI_PO_2018-19:

Cleared SBI prelims for the 3rd time. But unfortunately could not clear the Mains exam. I thought SBI PO is not destined for me. Having attempted it for the straight 3rd time, I was not able to clear the mains. So I kind of decided ‘No More SBI exams’. And the 2 final resorts. Having attempted 7 exams plus 3 interviews, I was kind of sure that this is the year in which I will become a Bank PO.

EXAM #8_RRB_PO_2018-19:

Once again exams went well and I cleared both Prelims and Mains. Interview went really well. Secured 85/100 with 10 marks above cut off for Mains. This time I was kind of sure that I will make it to the final list as I had performed well in both Mains and Interview but God had some other plans for me. I could not creep through. Out of the declared 101 General vacancies, they picked only 41. So again the same result but the only difference was this time it left me with tears. (missed Final cut off by 1.5 marks )

But everything happens for a reason and for something better. Just keep pushing yourselves. Never let yourself down. Work hard.

EXAM #9_IBPS_PO_2018-19:

I would say exams will never be a burden once we catch that habit of managing the time and applying the basics. For the 5th time, I cracked Prelims and Mains. Cleared Mains cut off by 17 marks and Interview went really well. Secured 93/100. And you know what, I cleared IBPS PO 2018-19 with a good margin and got selected as Probationary Officer at CANARA Bank. And that really proud moment arrived finally.

I thank God for keeping me motivated amidst my continuous failures and helped me survive it and come back strong in flying colours. It was really a hard fought journey spanning across almost 3 years (9 exams and 5 interviews). But Finally I made it.

My Preparation Tips for Aspirants –

For Prelims exam, you have to manage your speed well. First decide which all questions you are planning to attempt. It is not possible to attempt 100/100 questions. So just be Selective. Leave the lengthy and tough questions to the last part. Just buy OliveBoard mock tests and attempt it like how you attempt the real exam. After every exam, review all the questions (even the lengthy ones) and learn to solve it.

For improving your English section, do the sectional English tests in OliveBoard and read Hindu editorial on a daily basis. For Mains exam, it is not about the speed always. Questions will definitely be tough. So just feel free and concentrate on the questions you are planning to attempt. Never go for blind hit as it will impact your final score vastly. Again Oliveboard came to my rescue. Solve all the 10 Mains Mock exams and do a thorough review of all the questions. Make sure exam by exam, your score and percentile are catching up.


For GK section, attempt the Monthly quizzes in sectional tests plus read the Hindu news app on a daily basis plus go through Affairs Cloud app and keep a note of the daily updates. This will help you catch up with the current affairs.

For banking awareness, tune into youtube channels and go through the important videos. For Interview, have a good idea about yourself first, try to analyse what all questions can be asked about you. Have thorough idea on 3 months current affairs (use AffairsCloud app) and Banking Awareness (use Learning Space youtube channel).

Tips to Aspirants-

Have trust in GOD, he can make anything possible – Keep yourself always motivated and Strong – Work really really HARD (skills are secondary). Again I say Trust GOD, Work Really HARD and NEVER EVER GIVE UP !!!! Thanks.

I hope my journey will help other aspirants in their preparation.All the Best Guys!

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