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Success Story of Nikhil Jain: Clearing a prestigious bank exam like IBPS RRB PO takes knowledge, skill, and hard work. Even more so if you’re giving the exam for the first time. Nikhil Jain is one such candidate. The Madhya Pradesh resident is a 2021 B.Sc Math Graduate who cleared IBPS RRB PO 2022. Read the success story of Nikhil Jain and find out how he did this!

Success Story of Nikhil Jain: Introduction 

Hello, I am Nikhil Jain. I am from Madhya Pradesh. I have completed my graduation in 2021 (B.Sc Mathematics). In November 2021, I started preparing for banking exams.

Details on your preparation journey 

When I started preparation I didn’t even know the syllabus for the exam. However, I had a rough idea about the subject. I am fascinated by quants, which is why I prefer to move toward the preparation for banking exams. I focused on concept building and solving questions on topics I completed during my initial preparation. After I am certain about my whole syllabus completion, I started giving mocks. This way I could test which topic I lack. I used to score 30-40 marks initially. Then gradually as time passed by, my marks increased and my percentile improved to 95-100 percentile. To boost my speed I practiced sectional and topic tests on oliveboard.

Subject-wise preparation strategy 

I started building deep concepts of every topic and after completing the topic practiced various questions of various levels related to the topic. I don’t leave any topic uncompleted as who never knows from which topic the question comes in Mains exam. Learn short tricks for prelims and also, focused on a long method using variables for mains.


The important Funda I applied for reasoning is the sharp reading of questions. The way you read the question is important for solving puzzles and seating arrangements. Also, practiced different varieties of questions of puzzles, seating arrangement, and coding-decoding.


For English, I prefer to read newspapers, mainly, The Hindu. Daily I read the newspaper for 5 hrs as I am fond of reading newspapers. The more you read, the more strong vocabulary you build because English in banking is more about how your comprehension skills.


For gk and ga, I prefer daily newspaper reading. Also, I read a weekly pdf.


free mock tests online

The interview mainly tests the personality and whether the person is apt for the job in the banks. Just as they examine you in the mains, it is somewhat about knowledge plus personality. Try to prepare for banking awareness as it is helpful for mains exam and interview. Don’t fear the interview. The bolder you are, the more chances of selection are there.

How has Oliveboard helped you?

The sectional and topic test on oliveboard really helped me a lot to test my preparation, in which topic I lack. Also, the overall level of mock is exam-oriented.The interface of mocks is somewhat similar to real exams and it helped me to control my exam fear. As I become used to exams

Tips for other aspirants 

I talk to the aspirants who appeared in the exams. A larger part of them is appearing for the experience. Even they don’t prepare for the exams. My suggestion is that first Fully prepared the concepts and then, appeared in exams. It is fruitful as you will get more idea where you lack or whether there is a need to boost the Speed than appearing in the exam without preparation.


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