Success Story of Rahul Gupta – Cleared SSC CGL 2016

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Proving this quote right, Rahul never hesitated to take risk in order to achieve the extraordinary. Read the success story of Rahul Gupta in his own words below:

Success Story of Rahul Gupta

Hello Everyone, I am Rahul Gupta and I am presently working as an Accountant in CAG (Gwalior). I have completed my B.Tech in 2014 from INCT College, Bhopal. After completing my graduation, I joined an MNC and worked there for about a year. I knew it would be difficult for me to prepare for any competitive exam along with my busy work schedule. So I left my job in July, 2015 and put in all my effort to achieve what I wanted.

My hard work showed colours and I was able to clear SSC in my very first attempt in 2016. Having said that, I am glad that Oliveboard gave me an opportunity to share my journey with you. I hope it will be beneficial for all the aspirants who wants to prepare for SSC.

Preparation Strategy

Quantitative Aptitude:

It is very important to do everything in a synchronized manner. So, I first cleared all my basics and learnt all the important formulas, rules, tables etc. This helped me to solve the questions within a stipulated time.

I referred Rakesh Yadav’s book to prepare for this section. It’s important to follow just one book and be well versed with all the important topics. Trying to cover everything and anything is not possible, so choose wisely what you need to study.

Refer some class notes if needed to clear any of the topics. Practice is an essential part while preparing for any kind of competitive exams. While I was preparing, Oliveboard mock tests proved to be of great help. I always believed in quality of practice than quantity and trust me Oliveboard mock tests are worth it.


While I was preparing for SSC exams, this section carried 50 marks in Prelims which was not very tough to score well. In Mains as well, this section is the easiest of all with just 2 to 3 tricky questions. So just practice 5 questions everyday and you are good to go.


I referred Kiran’s English Solved Papers Book to practice for this section. Trust me solving questions is the best way to prepare yourself for such competitive exams. It will improve your speed and accuracy immensely.

You can refer “A Mirror Of Common Errors” by Ashok Kumar to prepare for grammar section. I found this book very helpful to improve my grammar section.


To tackle this section I read newspaper daily and tried to cover all the latest news and updates. You can refer last 6 months data to score well in this section.

Remember try practicing more questions instead of just mugging up the complete GK/GA notes.


This section needs to be tackled properly to score well. I covered various important topics from different Essay books. It’s important to keep yourself updated with recent Schemes, Bills passed, latest appointments and various other facts. Generally opinion based topics are asked in SSC CGL like:

2016 Topic: What should one do during an Earthquake?

2017 Topic: Demonetization: How effective was it?

On other hand, in SSC CHSL you generally come across topics which are based on recent schemes and bills passed.

For letter writing, do check the formal and informal letters. Have a proper idea about the style of writing and the content which needs to be included in it.

Role of Oliveboard:

I have given few other mock tests as well but the accuracy provided by Oliveboard in their test series is remarkable. In all of their questions there is absolutely no mistake and the explanation provided by Oliveboard is self explanatory and detailed.

The quality of questions that Oliveboard provides especially in their English tests is very very good and helps you to prepare yourself best for any kind of competitive exams.

At last, always remember to focus more on practicing good quality of questions rather than quantity.

I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

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