Success Story of Rishab Shukla I Cleared IBPS PO

Build habits to see the magic in your progress. Follow your own strategy in order to succeed, because everyone has their own unique ability to adapt things, says Rishabh Shukla who cleared IBPS PO examination. Read his success story in his own words


My name is Rishabh Shukla. I live in Ghaziabad. I did my B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT BHU Varanasi. I love to write a journal, play guitar and ukulele and also like to workout.

Brief Description

This was my first attempt. I had been preparing for UPSC and reached the interview stage in CSE 2020. However, I couldn’t clear the exam. Then I decided to look for other jobs too which will allow me to be a part of the system where I could help the people and banking is such a job which is highly respectable, has great promotional avenues and I can be content.

Although I decided to give banking exams, I didn’t have much time to prepare for them as I’m still preparing for UPSC. But I allocated a certain section of my time to these exams. Few days before the exams, I used to completely focus on these and completed my UPSC tasks after that. That’s the kind of jumbling I did for this examination. It was tough but I’m glad I managed some time for this examination.

Preparation Strategy


1. Youtube videos like 30 days to prelims. So I used to do those 20-25 videos. This way I got to learn the tricks and shortcuts too. I didn’t do a foundation course for this examination and my total preparation time for IBPS PO exam (including all stages) is not more than 35 days. The reason is- I had a good foundation in Math from school itself and then in IIT. However, I needed to know the shortcuts for which videos helped.

2. Mock tests- Sectional tests only because My English is good and I felt bored while giving that section. I don’t recommend this strategy. That’s why I believe that a person must identify their strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. Since I’ve been preparing for UPSC and being from a convent school, I’m in the habit of daily Newspaper readings. So I focused only on Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude.


1. I gave 10-20 sectional mocks for Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude. Here again no English.

2. For GA I referred to videos by Aditya Sir and the Bolt Magazine videos made by Oliveboard. They were helpful. The trick is in watching those videos 3-4 times (I could do it only 1 time though). Instead of covering 4-5 months, I took a risk and just covered the last 2 months and it paid off. Although I found the GA section difficult as I had not revised because I was also giving time to UPSC preparation. But still I managed to score 10 marks in GA.

3. Descriptive- UPSC has given me enugu content in this. I scored 16.75. I could have scored more but their keyboard didn’t allow the speed and I had to constantly correct the errors as the keys kept on getting pressed and some didn’t press.


1. Oliveboard interview batch. It contains classes on basics of economy and how to approach the interview. And the mock interviews were very helpful. Here again, I didn’t attend certain economy lessons which I had covered in Economy from UPSC preparation. But I watched many other videos like on Banking sectors, PSL, NPA, Types of cheques etc. They were very helpful and highly recommend that.

Role of Oliveboard

1. Monthly current affairs by ADITYA Sir.

2. Bolt magazine videos.

3. Daily sectional videos before every exam.

4. Interview Batch.

Tips or advice for fellow aspirants

1. Don’t follow the strategy of selected candidates blindly. I’m sure that many won’t get selected if they follow my strategy. Aspirants need to understand that the base level of every person is different. Being from a convent school and IIT helped me a lot and it is the only reason why I could get selected without dedicated preparation.

2. Avoid distractions- Don’t fight in the comments section, don’t watch too much social media, avoid junk ( food as well as information).

3. Avoid the trap of motivation and motivational videos. Build habits. Motivation doesn’t last. It’s an emotion and like every emotion, it’s life span is very short. Build habits and see the magic unfold before you.


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