Summary of English Poems for TNPSC | Part – 1

Knowing the Summary of English Poems for TNPSC is useful in the English section of the TNPSC Group 2 Syllabus. TNPSC Group 2 Exam will be conducted on 21 May 2022. To help you get a quick revision of important poems just before the exam, we have come up with this blog to provide you with Summary of Important Poems for TNPSC.

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Summary of English Poems for TNPSC – Highlights

Summary of English Poems for TNPSC – Part 1

Life – Henry van Dyke summary

The poet declares in the first verse that he wants to live his life, without doubt, always looking forward and progressing toward his goal without any distraction or hurry. He simply wants to live and enjoy the present, without regretting the past or fearing the uncertainty of the future that lurks beyond the vein of the present. He wishes to continue moving forward in his life with a glad heart, paying all the dues that come with age.

The poet declares his intention to live a splendid life in the second stanza. He claims that the steep, uphill route of life will not deter him; whether the road is rough or smooth, he will enjoy it. He will continue to look for new friendships, amazing adventures, and a crown in the same way he did as a child. He claims that his search is never-ending and that he will continue to live with the expectation that life will be better after the final turn.

I am Every Woman – Rakhi Nariani Shirke

The poem is about women’s amazing qualities. It talks of women’s different personalities. Women today are empowered, fearless, strong, and determined. They are always willing to try new things. They are tenacious and work tirelessly to demonstrate their abilities. For a nation to grow, women must be treated with respect.

Every lady is naturally beautiful. She is a symbol of strength and power and She is prone to risk her own life. She is genuine and real. She is real in her expressions of affection, and she never pretends. Even in the face of adversity, she maintains a positive attitude. She mentions that spring will come again. She discovers a spark of hope and continues to look after her loved ones. She is a woman who is unafraid of anything.

Her faith and convictions are strong.  Her secret to everything is persistence and determination. She is steadfast in her faith, despite her complaints, grumbles, and criticismsHer convictions are strong. Like a lioness, she’s vicious. Play a joke on her rather than tease her. Evil people should avoid her at all costs. We should never ruin her dignity or self-respect. She can freeze and cut them with ease. So, stay away from her.

She is the woman of today. As a result, loving her, respecting her, and keeping her close to our hearts is safer and healthier. She should be treated with respect.

The Secret of the Machines – Rudyard Kipling

The poet explains how the machines are built and how to care for them. The machineries mention that they were mined in the furnace from the ore-bed. They were thrown into the abyss. 

Hammering has bent them out of shape. They were filed, trimmed, gauged, and tooled to fit.

The machines went on to tell us about their potential to serve people endlessly, carrying out all their jobs as if they were workers. To get started, all they need is some water, oil, and coal to power their equipment. They are extremely anxious to always assist people, and it only takes them a few seconds to get started moving their parts for approximately a “thousandth of an inch.”

It’s almost as if they’re competing with other employees to please their bosses by going above and beyond their biological needs. The poem uses hyperbole in the line “We shall serve you four and twenty hours a day” to emphasise the incredible lengths to which machines will go to serve humans. However, this exaggeration is somewhat realistic.

The poet claims in this stanza that machines can do a wide range of tasks. They can pull, drag, push, lift, and drive. Additionally, they can print, plough, weave, heat, and illuminate. They can also sprint, race, swim, fly, and dive. They also can see, hear, count, read, and write.

All these duties were formerly performed by humans, but automation has simplified the process. The machines’ abilities appear to have no bounds, as they can do everything. And therein lay the danger, since circus masters have been known to be torn apart by lions they couldn’t tame in the past.

These devices serve as a warning and a reminder that the sole factor guiding their actions is the physical law that underpins their whole existence. Despite their ability to execute all of the physical and cognitive activities that humans are capable of, they are discovered to be weak in the humanitarian parts of man’s nature.

They are devoid of all tenderness and intuition. They are incapable of recognising lies and of feeling human emotions like love, pity, and forgiveness. The machines then warn the humans to exercise caution when operating them because any mistake may be fatal.

The machines claim that the smoke they produce will temporarily impair human vision, preventing us from witnessing the destruction they are creating in this stanza. Ignorance, on the other hand, is short-lived.

Humans will eventually understand the implications of the overuse of technology and will understand that even seemingly perfect products have flaws. Machines, despite their extraordinary skills, cannot match the strength of the human mind since they, too, are the result of human intelligence and understanding.


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