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Static GK is a significant portion of any TNPSC exam. The latest developmental statistics help you in not only answering objective questions but also help improve the quality of your answers to descriptive questions. To help you in answering any question related to important data, We have come up with a blog for Tamil Nadu State Human Development Indicators.

Tamil Nadu State Human Development Indicators | Download link

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Tamil Nadu State Human Development Indicators | Sneak Peek


IndicatorYear Data
Population201772.14 million
Decadal Growth2001-1115.6%
Decadal Change in rural population2001-116.49%
Decadal Change in urban population2001-1127.16%
Sex ratio2011996 (986 in 2001)
Child sex ratio2011943 (959 in 2001)
Literacy rate201180.09%
Male literacy rate201186.77%
Female literacy rate201173.14%
GER in higher education2013-1443%
Population density2011555 (480 in 2001) (National Average – 382)
Slum population20112.8 million (8% of total urban population)


IndicatorYear Data
Contribution of Agriculture and Allied Activities to NDP of the state2011-128.7% (11.65% in 2004-05)
Contribution of Industry to NDP of the state2011-1227.91%
Contribution of Manufacturing to NDP of the state2011-1217.5%
Net Sown Area201149.85 lakh ha (50.43 lakh ha in 2008-09)
The proportion of land under non-agricultural use2011-1221.80 lakh ha (21.73 lakh ha in 2008-09)
Foodgrain output2013-1410.33 million metric tonnes (10.51 million metric tonnes in 2011-12)

Social Security

Social Security SchemesYear Beneficiaries
Mid-day meal program201175.5% of students
PDS – Urban2009-1067% of households
PDS – Rural2009-1091% of households
Labour Welfare Board Scheme2013-1418,942 citizens
Unorganized Worker Welfare Board Scheme2013-143,71,303 citizens
Social Security Scheme201435,64,120 citizens
MGNREGS2013-1462.6 lakh households
Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS)20146,51,185 citizens

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