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Hindu Vocabulary

Language proficiency is a crucial aspect of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam preparation. A strong vocabulary not only enhances communication skills but also plays a vital role in comprehending complex topics, expressing ideas effectively, and scoring well in the exam.

The Hindu Vocabulary

The Hindu newspaper, known for its rich language and diverse content, provides an excellent resource for improving vocabulary. This article explores the significance of The Hindu vocabulary and how UPSC exam aspirants can leverage it to enhance their language skills.

The Hindu Vocabulary– 12th July 2023

Word/PhraseContextual Sense
DeliberateTo think about carefully; to weigh or consider
ContentiousInvolving or likely to cause controversy or disagreement
InevitablyBy necessity; in a way that cannot be avoided or prevented
TractAn extended area of land or region
BiennialOccurring every second year or lasting for two years
StagnantNot circulating or flowing; showing no growth or development
IncrementalIncreasing gradually by regular degrees or additions
HomesteadA dwelling that is usually a farmhouse and its adjoining land
ReckoningEstimation or calculation; the action or process of figuring something out
AfforestationThe conversion of bare or cultivated land into a forest, typically for hunting purposes
StatutoryPrescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute or law
GroomTo give a neat appearance to; to prepare or train someone for a particular role or responsibility
Carbon stockThe amount of carbon stored in forests in the form of biomass, soil, deadwood, and litter

The Significance of Vocabulary for UPSC Exams

The UPSC exams, particularly the Civil Services Examination (CSE), demand a high level of language proficiency from candidates. The examination includes multiple components, such as essay writing, comprehension, precis writing, and interview rounds, where a strong vocabulary is essential. A robust vocabulary helps candidates articulate their thoughts with precision, convey complex ideas effectively, and exhibit clarity of expression, which are crucial for excelling in the examination.

Why The Hindu Vocabulary?

The Hindu newspaper, with its reputation for quality journalism and extensive coverage, offers a rich vocabulary that can immensely benefit UPSC exam aspirants. The articles, editorials, and opinion pieces in The Hindu are written by experienced journalists, experts, and intellectuals. They employ a wide range of vocabulary, including advanced words, idiomatic expressions, and technical terminology. Regularly reading and engaging with The Hindu helps aspirants familiarize themselves with diverse vocabulary, allowing them to enhance their language skills and fluency.

Building Vocabulary from The Hindu:

  1. Contextual Learning: The Hindu articles provide vocabulary in a contextual setting, making it easier for aspirants to understand word usage, nuances, and connotations. By observing words in their natural context, candidates can grasp their meaning and usage more effectively.
  2. Word Lists and Supplements: Many UPSC exam preparation platforms and coaching institutes compile word lists and vocabulary supplements based on The Hindu newspaper. These resources categorize words based on their frequency and relevance to the exam. Aspirants can utilize these resources to systematically build their vocabulary.
  3. Note-taking and Flashcards: While reading The Hindu, candidates can maintain a dedicated vocabulary notebook or digital file. They can jot down new words, their meanings, and sample sentences. Creating flashcards with new vocabulary words can facilitate regular revision and retention.
  4. Synonyms and Antonyms: The Hindu often employs a wide range of synonyms and antonyms. Aspirants can identify these word pairs and develop a list for reference. Practicing synonyms and antonyms helps expand vocabulary and improves understanding of word relationships.
  5. Prefixes and Suffixes: The Hindu articles frequently utilize words with prefixes and suffixes. Aspirants can make note of such words and understand how prefixes and suffixes alter the meaning of the base word. This practice enhances vocabulary skills and aids in deciphering unfamiliar words.
  6. Crossword Puzzles and Word Games: To make vocabulary building engaging, aspirants can solve crossword puzzles, play word games, or participate in vocabulary-based quizzes. These activities reinforce the understanding and retention of new words and make the learning process enjoyable.

Expanding Vocabulary Beyond The Hindu:

While The Hindu is an excellent resource, UPSC exam aspirants should also supplement their vocabulary development with additional materials:

  1. Standard Vocabulary Books: Utilize renowned vocabulary books such as “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis or “30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary” by Wilfred Funk to further enhance language skills.
  2. Thesaurus and Dictionary: Refer to a thesaurus and dictionary regularly to explore synonyms, antonyms, and precise meanings of words encountered during newspaper reading.
  3. Reading Diverse Literature: Apart from The Hindu, reading books, novels, magazines, and literary works from various genres exposes aspirants to different writing styles, expanding their vocabulary and language proficiency.
  4. Regular Practice: To internalize new vocabulary, aspirants should practice incorporating newly learned words into their daily conversations, writing, and answer-writing exercises. This habit helps develop fluency and ensures effective usage of words in the examination.

Hindu Vocabulary – Conclusion

A strong vocabulary is a valuable asset for UPSC exam aspirants, and The Hindu newspaper offers a rich source of diverse vocabulary. Regular reading and engagement with The Hindu can significantly enhance language skills, comprehension abilities, and effective expression. Aspirants should actively learn and revise new words, practice their usage, and supplement their vocabulary development with standard resources. By leveraging The Hindu vocabulary and expanding it through various means, UPSC exam aspirants can enhance their linguistic capabilities and excel in the language-oriented components of the examination.


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