Time Management Tips to Practice for CLAT Test in 2022

CLAT 2022 is a tough test, yet it can be beaten with excellent time management. Failure is mostly due to a lack of effective Time Management Tips. This must be said clearly. Candidates must be alert and quick-witted. It is not a joke to answer a set of 150 questions in less than two hours. We are here to show you how to harness the power of six phrases to overcome failure and join the success train. A pre-requisite for CLAT is the use of time management strategies. CLAT stands for Common Legal Admission Test, which is held every year by the Consortium of NLUs to enrol candidates in undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes at India’s National Law Universities. Each year, the number of students who are taking this test grows significantly, resulting in increased competitiveness. As a result, to deal with the competitiveness and come out on top, individuals must give their best foot forward in the test. Read further to get the best Time Management Tips for CLAT 2022.


Time Management Tips for CLAT

1. Set the time for each part in advance.

It’s the first step toward making the most of your time on the CLAT test. Set aside time for each of the sections. The timetable changes depending on your abilities and weaknesses. According to OPUS specialists, applicants taking the CLAT should begin by taking the GK section, then English, Legal, Reasoning, and lastly QA. Aspirants must be focused and quick. They should not devote more time to any CLAT part. Even if a segment is incomplete, the candidate should move on to the next one. There is no sectional cut-off rule, so relax. Try to set aside as much time as possible to address the remaining questions that have been marked for review.

2. Set a time limit for every question.

This appears to be a similar procedure. Aspirants must allot time to every question in each segment in this part. This will assist the candidate in forming an idea of the types of questions they can answer quickly and accurately. Prioritise answering the simple questions. In the Reasoning area, you’ll find syllogisms, series, and other concepts. In English, there is a Cloze test and synonyms. In math, averages and percentages are used. If you read the full section before replying, this is feasible. The most effective time management approach discovered for CLAT is digging through the question paper.

3. Distraction wastes valuable time.

Applicants are frequently distracted in one way or another. An uncomfortable back, like wandering eyes that don’t want to miss out on the interesting stuff, is a distraction. A dissatisfied invigilator, an applicant sitting near you in the test, or his panicked state of mind upon seeing several strange questions might all be sources of distraction. During the examination, such deviations eat up at least ten minutes. These precious minutes may have been used to solve several unanswered questions. As a result, this wise advice is given to every CLAT test candidate: “Please assemble all your instincts and keep them attentive until you finish the question paper.”

4. Do not be concerned about the unknown questions.

It only takes two seconds to determine whether you can correctly answer the question. If yes, respond quickly or go on to the next question. Don’t waste time on any of the questions. Don’t get too attached to your favourite subjects. Complete it and go on to the next. During the exam, every second counts. Appreciate the value of time and make the most use of the time you have.

5. Try to understand in the first reading.

You can’t afford to understand the question over and over again. Read it through once more; this time, pay close attention. Avoid distractions and reactions to what’s going on around you. Do not allow your thoughts to stray. Don’t make guesses about what could happen. Any slight shift in focus increases the likelihood of losing the game. As a result, it is critical to remain mentally present at all times. While reading the questions, pay close attention. To manage your time effectively on the CLAT, make sure you understand what is being asked on the first read. After a while, candidates become distracted and spend a lot of time trying to grasp the question. Please do not fall into this trap during the exam.

6. To save time, practise online.

We’ve all heard the phrase that practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, we do not practise what we teach. Revision and taking exams from the guidebooks aren’t the only ways to practise. The most important aspect is to take CLAT exams online to imitate an exam environment. Participate in online exams and attend a great test series to improve confidence and develop an effective time management approach for the CLAT.

Time Management Tips to observe on the Examination Day

On exam day, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. The CLAT Examination Day tips may be found in the post below.

  • Do not revise something new at the final hours.
  • Try to be cool and silent in the exam room.
  • Do not engage in any discussions in the exam room.
  • Discussing the exam, in particular, might increase the strain of taking it. So, in any case, avoid conversing.
  • Avoid negative thoughts, conversations, or quotations in the days leading up to the exam.
  • In the exam, do not make educated guesses. Take the problem, analyse it, and then respond. Leave it if it does not enter your thoughts. Playing a guessing game is not a good idea.
  • Sections should not be skipped. Start with one portion and then go on to the next. Otherwise, it will be confusing.
  • Don’t limit yourself to questions. Now is the time to move on. Continue to work on the problem. Make a mental note of the time-consuming questions. Later, you can solve them.
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude. Things will work out in the end.


If you remember these Time Management Tips, you’ll be able to better manage your time. We emphasise that it is one of the most important variables in significantly enhancing your performance. To pass the CLAT test, you must be disciplined. After all, you realise how important this examination is to you, and you know that giving it your all is the only option you have. CLAT may be cracked in one shot if you give it your best. You may enrol in any offline and online CLAT coaching programmes for the finest assistance.


What is Time Management Tips for CLAT?

1. Set the time for each part in advance.
2. Set a time limit for every question.
3. Distraction wastes valuable time.
4. Do not be concerned about unknown questions.
5. Try to understand in the first reading.
6. To save time, practise online

How many hours per day should I devote to CLAT preparation?

Every day, you must devote at least 1.5 to 2 hours to each subject.


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