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TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2024 has been released by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission on the official website. The Revised TNPSC Group 4 syllabus contains three main topics: General Studies, Aptitude and Mental Ability Test, and Tamil Eligibility-cum-Scoring Test. Each topic has different subtopics that candidates need to cover.

The exam consists of 200 questions worth 300 marks that candidates have 3 hours to complete. The minimum passing mark is 90. Therefore, candidates should prepare for the TNPSC Group 4 exam accordingly.

This article provides candidates with the detailed TNPSC Group 4 syllabus 2024 organized by topic and according to high mark weightage. It also includes the latest TNPSC Group 4 exam pattern to help candidates plan their studies.

Additionally, a printable PDF version of the TNPSC Group 4 syllabus PDF and exam pattern is available so that candidates may have hard copies.

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2024

The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is going to conduct the exam is the TNPSC Group 4 examination. The posts include Village Administrative Officer (VAO), Junior Assistant (Non-Security & Security), Bill Collector (Grade-I), Field Surveyor, Draftsman, Typist, Steno-Typist (Grade III), and more. The selection process involves a written exam followed by document verification.

OrganizationTamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)
Posts NameVillage Administrative Officer (VAO),
Junior Assistant (Non-Security & Security), Bill Collector, Grade-I, Field Surveyor, Draftsman, Typist
Steno-Typist (Grade III) And other similar positions
No. of Questions200
Total Marks300
Duration3 hours
Negative MarkingNo
TNPSC Group 4 Selection ProcessWritten Exam, Document Verification
Job LocationTamil Nadu

TNPSC Group 4 Exam Pattern 2024

The TNPSC Group 4 2024 is conducted offline, and candidates need to mark their answers on an OMR sheet. Once the exam is completed, TNPSC will provide the Answer Key, allowing candidates to estimate their scores and raise objections if needed. It’s a useful tool for candidates to assess their performance. Notably, there is no negative marking in the exam, relieving candidates from potential score deductions for incorrect answers.

To better understand the updated TNPSC Group 4 syllabus, let’s start by looking at the exam pattern. The selection process for Group 4 is based entirely on a written exam, which lasts for 3 hours and consists of 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). All sections of the exam have an objective format, and the difficulty level is comparable to that of a 10th standard. The TNPSC Group 4 Exam paper focuses on three subjects, namely:

  1. General Studies Section:
    • This section includes 75 questions covering topics like general science, current events, geography, history, politics, economy, and more.
  2. Aptitude Section:
    • There are 25 objective questions in the Aptitude section, testing the aspirants’ skills in Aptitude and Mental Ability.
  3. Tamil Eligibility-cum-Scoring Test:
    • TNPSC has introduced the Tamil Eligibility-cum-Scoring Test of SSLC Standard, comprising 100 questions for a total of 150 marks.
Exam TypeSubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarksDurationMinimum Qualifying Marks (For all communities)
Objective TypeTamil Eligibility-cum-Scoring Test* (SSLC Standard)1001503 Hours90
General Studies (SSLC Standard)75150
Aptitude & Mental Ability Test (SSLC Standard)25
*Note: The Tamil Eligibility-cum-Scoring Test is based on SSLC Standard (10th Grade)

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2024 Revised

The TNPSC Group 4 Exam Syllabus outlines the subjects and topics that candidates need to prepare for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission’s Group 4 examination. It includes sections on general studies, aptitude, and the Tamil Eligibility-cum-Scoring Test. This syllabus serves as a guide for candidates aiming to succeed in the competitive Group 4 exam.

  • Single Paper (Objective Type):
    • The examination format consists of a single paper divided into two parts, namely Part-A and Part-B.
SectionContentStandard/GradeNumber of QuestionsMarks
Part-ATNPSC Group 4 Tamil Eligibility-Cum-Scoring TestSSLC (10th Grade)100150
Part-BGeneral Studies + Aptitude & Mental AbilitySSLC (10th Grade)75 (General Studies) + 25 (Aptitude & Mental Ability)150
Conditions for EvaluationDetails
Part-B Evaluation Criteria– Part-B will not be assessed if the candidate fails to secure the minimum qualifying marks in Part-A (40%, i.e., 60 Marks).
Total Marks Considered for Ranking– The total marks obtained in both Part-A and Part-B will be taken into account for ranking purposes.

The question paper is provided in two types, and candidates need to choose the one corresponding to the language they prefer. This means candidates have the option to appear for the paper in the language of their choice.

TNPSC Group 4 General Studies Syllabus 2024 – Part A

The General Studies section (75 Questions) in the TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus covers various subjects, including general science, current events, geography, history, Indian polity and economy, Indian national movement, and the history, culture, heritage, and socio-political movements of Tamil Nadu. It holds paramount importance, as it constitutes a significant portion of the exam, contributing to the overall evaluation of candidates’ knowledge and awareness.

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus For General Science

Scientific DisciplineTopics
PhysicsNature of Universe, Measurement of Physical Quantities, Scientific Laws, Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Sound, Heat, Nuclear Physics, Everyday Applications in Daily Life
ChemistryElements, Compounds, Acids, Bases, Salts, Petroleum Products, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Metallurgy, Food Adulterants
BiologyLife Science Concepts, Classification of Living Organisms, Evolution, Genetics, Physiology, Nutrition, Health, Hygiene, Human Diseases
Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science

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TNPSC Group 4 Current Events Syllabus

Current AffairsLatest Diary of Events, Places in News, Sports
National IdentityNational Symbols, Profile of States
People and AchievementsEminent Personalities, Books and Authors, Sports
Government and PoliciesGovernment Welfare Schemes, Political Parties and System
Science and TechnologyLatest Inventions in Science and Technology
Geography and CultureGeographical Landmarks
Social and Economic IssuesSocio-Economic Issues

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus For Geography

GeographyEarth Location, Physical Features, Water Resources, Rivers, Soil, Minerals, Natural Resources, Forest, Wildlife
Climate and WeatherMonsoon, Rainfall, Weather, Climate
Agriculture and Land UseAgriculture Pattern, Population Density, Distribution in Tamil Nadu and India
InfrastructureTransport, Communication
Disaster ManagementCalamities, Disaster Management
Environmental IssuesEnvironment, Climate Change

TNPSC Group 4 History and Culture of India Syllabus

Ancient CivilizationsIndus Valley Civilization
Historical DynastiesGuptas, Delhi Sultans, Mughals, Marathas
Regional HistorySouth Indian History
Cultural CharacteristicsCharacteristics of Indian Culture
Unity in DiversityRace, Language, Custom
Political PhilosophyIndia as a Secular State

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TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus For Indian Polity

Constitution OverviewConstitution of India, Preamble, Salient Features
Administrative DivisionsUnion, State, Union Territory
Legal Rights and PrinciplesFundamental Rights, Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy
Government StructureUnion, State Executive, Legislature, Local Governments (Panchayat Raj)
Political SystemFederalism, Election
Judicial SystemJudiciary, Rule of Law
Anti-Corruption MeasuresCorruption, Lokpal, Lokayukta
Transparency and RightsRight to Information
Social IssuesEmpowerment of Women, Consumer Protection, Human Rights Charter

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TNPSC Group 4 Indian Economy Syllabus

Nature of Indian EconomyNature of Indian Economy
Economic PlanningFive Year Plans, Planning Commission, Niti Ayog
Financial InstitutionsReserve Bank of India, Finance Commission
Revenue and TaxationSources of Revenue, Goods and Services Tax
Economic TrendsEconomic Trends
Employment and AgricultureEmployment Generation, Land Reforms, Agriculture
Science and TechnologyScience and Technology in Agriculture
Industrial GrowthIndustrial Growth
Rural Welfare ProgramsRural Welfare Programs
Social IssuesSocial Problems – Population, Education, Health, Employment, Poverty

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus For Indian National Movement

National RenaissanceNational Renaissance
Early Uprisings Against British RuleEarly Uprising Against British Rule
Political OrganizationIndian National Congress, Leaders
Prominent LeadersB.R. Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Bharathiar, V.O. Chidambaranar, Thanthai Periyar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore, Kamarajar, Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Rajaji, Subhash Chandra Bose, Muthulaksmi Ammaiyar, Muvalur Ramamirtham
Modes of Agitation in Tamil NaduModes of Agitation in Tamil Nadu and Movements

TNPSC Group 4 History, Culture, Heritage of Tamil Nadu Syllabus

History of Tamil SocietyHistory of Tamil Society, Archaeological Discoveries
LiteratureTamil Literature, Sangam Age to Contemporary Times, Thirukkural
ThirukkuralSignificance, Relevance to Everyday Life, Impact on Humanity, Universal Values, Socio-Politico-Economic Relevance
Freedom Struggle in Tamil NaduRole of Tamil Nadu in Freedom Struggle, Early Agitations
Women in Freedom StruggleRole of Women in Freedom Struggle
Social Reformers and MovementsSocial Reformers, Movements, Transformation

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus For Development Administration in Tamil Nadu

Social Justice and HarmonySocial Justice, Social Harmony
Education and Health SystemsEducation Systems, Health Systems
Geography and Economic GrowthGeography of Tamil Nadu and its Impact on Economic Growth

TNPSC Group 4 Aptitude And Mental Ability Syllabus 2024 – PART B

The TNPSC Group 4 Exam Syllabus covers various mathematical concepts essential for problem-solving, such as simplification, percentages, ratio and proportion, interest calculations, geometry, and logical reasoning. The Aptitude and Mental Ability syllabus aims to evaluate candidates’ mathematical and analytical skills for the Group 4 examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.

Mathematical ConceptsTopics
SimplificationTechniques to simplify complex mathematical expressions
PercentageUnderstanding and working with proportions and ratios
HCF (Highest Common Factor)Identifying the largest common factor shared by numbers
LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)Finding the smallest common multiple for given numbers
Ratio and ProportionGrasping the relationship between two quantities
Simple InterestCalculating interest on a principal amount with a fixed rate
Compound InterestDetermining interest on both principal and accumulated interest
Area and VolumeCalculating space occupied by geometric shapes and capacity of 3D figures
Time and WorkSolving problems related to time taken and work rate
Logical ReasoningApplying logical thinking to analyze and solve problems
PuzzlesEngaging in creative and logical problem-solving activities
DiceUnderstanding and solving problems related to dice outcomes
Visual ReasoningUsing visual clues and patterns to draw conclusions
Alpha Numeric ReasoningApplying logical reasoning involving letters and numbers
Number SeriesRecognizing patterns and solving problems based on number sequences

TNPSC Group 4 Tamil Eligibility-Cum-Scoring Test

After the introduction of the Mandatory Tamil Eligibility Test, candidates are required to carefully review the TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus for the Tamil Language from the provided PDF below. This step is essential for effective preparation for the Group 4 examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.

TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

To access the TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus in a convenient format, candidates can download the PDF file from the official website. The direct link to download the PDF is provided below. This document outlines the subjects, topics, and exam pattern for the Group 4 examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. It serves as a comprehensive guide for candidates preparing for the exam, providing essential information in an easily accessible format.

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TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2024 – FAQs

Where can I find the TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus for 2024?

The TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus for 2024 can be obtained from the official website. A detailed PDF is provided for candidates to download.

Is there a specific syllabus for the Tamil Language in the TNPSC Group 4 Exam?

Yes, candidates are required to check the detailed syllabus for the Tamil Language from the provided PDF.

What is the significance of the Mandatory Tamil Eligibility Test introduced in the TNPSC Group 4 Exam?

The Mandatory Tamil Eligibility Test is introduced for candidates appearing for the Tamil paper. It is essential to review the syllabus provided in the PDF link to prepare effectively.

How does the TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus benefit candidates in exam preparation?

The TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus outlines the subjects, topics, and exam pattern, serving as a comprehensive guide for candidates. It is crucial for effective preparation and understanding the requirements of the Group 4 examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.


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