2nd Voice of Global South Summit Highlights

2nd Voice of Global South Summit

Recently, India played host to the Second Voice of Global South Summit, a significant virtual gathering held on November 17. This event, following up on its January precursor, emphasized India’s steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration among nations in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania – collectively referred to as the Global South. The inaugural summit, themed “Energy Security and Development: Roadmap to Prosperity,” brought together representatives from 125 nations to exchange perspectives in anticipation of the G20 Leaders Summit in September 2023.

Key Objectives of 2nd Voice of Global South Summit

This virtual summit marked the concluding chapter of India’s G20 presidency, serving as a pivotal platform to assess commitments made during the New Delhi G20 summit. It provided member countries with an opportunity to share their perspectives and priorities, all under the overarching theme of “Together for Everyone’s Growth with Everyone’s Trust.”

DAKSHIN: Center for Excellence:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the summit, inaugurated DAKSHIN, a global center for excellence proposed in January during the first Voice of Global South Summit. This initiative underscores India’s unwavering commitment to promoting cooperation and development among Global South nations.

Summit Structure:

Comprising 10 sessions, the Second Voice of Global Summit featured inaugural and concluding sessions at the Head of State/Government level, both facilitated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Themes of Leaders’ Sessions:

  1. Inaugural Session: Themed “Together, for Everyone’s Growth, with Everyone’s Trust,” this session set the collaborative tone, focusing on trust-building among Global South nations.
  2. Concluding Session: Entitled “Global South: Together for One Future,” this session sought to encapsulate the collective vision and commitment of Global South nations towards a progressive world order.

Focus Areas:

The summit zeroed in on sharing key outcomes from various G20 meetings during India’s Presidency. It offered a crucial platform to address global challenges stemming from recent developments and explored strategies to sustain momentum for a more inclusive, representative, and progressive world order. The emphasis was on nurturing unity and cooperation among Global South nations for shared growth and development.

Conclusion: 2nd Voice of Global South Summit

The Second Voice of Global South Summit stands as a testament to India’s dedication to collaborative development and cooperation among Global South nations. Through initiatives like DAKSHIN and focused thematic sessions, the summit aimed to fortify ties and promote a collective vision for a more inclusive and prosperous world order. As India concludes its G20 presidency, the outcomes of this summit significantly contribute to the ongoing global dialogue, charting a course for nations in the Global South amidst global challenges.


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