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350+ Quant questions for Banking exams: Quant is one of the toughest and most lengthy sections in any banking exam. Quantitative Aptitude can only excel through a consistent and adequate amount of practice. We have come up with a Free E-book of more than 350+ quant questions for banking exams to help you ace the examinations.

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How to check the solution for 350+ Quant questions for Banking Exams?

Candidates who are willing to verify their answers or the method for all the questions need to see our YT videos for detailed solutions. All the questions mentioned in this E-book are solved by our faculty in a series of tutorial videos. We have mentioned below the direct link to the 350+ Quant questions with their solutions.

What’s there in the 350+ Quant Questions E-book?

Question 1. X, Y and Z enter into a partnership by investing in the ratio of ____ Daily : 10 AM respectively. If after 6 months Y and Z increased their amount by ____% and ____% respectively and at the same time, X withdraw 1/3rd of his amount. If at the end of one year, the total profit earned by them is Rs. ____ then, the difference between the profit earned by X and Z is more than Rs. 7200 and less than Rs. 9200. Which of the following option satisfies the blanks above? 

  • 9: 4: 7, 25, 14.28, 39000 
  • 3: 2: 6, 50, 66.66, 39000 
  • 6: 5: 4, 20, 25, 33000 
  • 3: 4: 5, 25, 20, 32500 
  • 6: 8: 5, 12.5, 20, 38000

Questions 2. Abhay, Ajay, and Vijay started a business by investing amounts in the Daily: 10 AM ratio 2P: Q: 3P respectively. Abhay invested for M months which is T months more than
the period of investment of Ajay. Vijay invested for N months, which is 3 months more than
twice the period of investment of Abhay. What is the ratio of profit received by Abhay and Vijay respectively?
I.(N – 3): 3N
II. 2M: (6M – 9)
III. (2M + 3): 3M
A Only I and III
B Only I
C Only III
D Only II and III
E All I, II and III


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