Alternate Sources of Finance – Free Ebook for RBI Grade B Exam

With the ever-evolving Financial Sector all over the world and continuous improvements in FinTech (Financial Technology), there is no more relying only on traditional sources of Finances such as bank loans, invoice discounting, overdrafts, and private equity. Many more alternatives are available through which finances can be arranged. These are called alternate sources of Finance. We would discuss in-depth about these in the given eBook and the same would be useful for the preparation of Finance & Management subject of Phase 2 of RBI Grade B Exam. & SEBI Grade A Exams

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Alternate Sources of Finance

Sample Questions

Q. 1. Who is a Lessor & Lessee?

  1. The owner of the asset is known as a Lessee & the one who rents is called Lessor.
  2. The Financier is called Lessor & Lender is called Lessee.
  3. The owner of the asset is called Lessor and the one who rents it is called Lessee.
  4. The Lessor is one who is the user of the asset & Lessee is one who rents the asset.

Answer: (3)

Q.2. Which of the following is true with respect to an Angel Investor and a Venture Capitalist?

  1. Venture Capitalists are involved in the management of the company & Angel Investors are not.
  2. Venture Capital involves a huge amount of money whereas Angel Investment do not.
  3. Angel Investors have a say in the management of the company whereas Venture Capitalists do not.
  4. Angel investors specialize in early-stage businesses, while VC firms are generally more unwilling to invest in start-ups unless they show really compelling promise and growth potential.


1, 2 & 3

1 & 2

2, 3 & 4

1, 2 & 4

Answer: 1, 2 & 4

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