Approach and Practice Questions on Analogies for RRB NTPC

Analogy is one of the common topics for all Railway exams. In this post, we will discuss the basic approach for Analogy questions and check out some Analogies Practice Questions. For RRB NTPC exam, we can expect 2-3 questions of analogy.


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The word ‘analogy’ suggests a comparison between the two things. In Railway exams usually, there are four terms in which one of the terms should be identified by us. For example-

A:B:: C:D

In this, there will be some relationship between A and B which will be similar to the relationship between C and D.

Analogy for RRB NTPC – Approach:

  1. Read and understand the given terms.
  2. Then, try to find the relation/ logic between the terms.
  3. If you are unable to find the logic or relation, then try to solve them from the options.

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Let us look at some Analogies Practice Questions following the above approach for a better understanding.

Analogies Practice Questions: Types of Analogy

There are many types of Analogy. Here, we will discuss some of the main types of Analogy which comes in the exam often.

Type – 1: Analogy with Letters

AE: F:: CG:?

(a) H

(b) J

(c) L

(d) M

Answer key: (b)

Replace the letters with their positions in the increasing order

A – 1

E – 5

F – 6 (1+5)

Using the same logic,

C – 3

G – 7

J – 10

So, (b) is the answer

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Type – 2: Analogy with numbers

351: 81:: 452:?

(a) 64

(b) 100

(c) 144

(d) 121

Answer key: (d)

351 – 3+5+1 = 9

So, 92 = 81


452 – 4+5+2 = 11

So, 112 = 121

Hence, (d) is the answer

Type – 3: Analogy with words

Obfuscate: Obscure :: Burnish: ?

(a) Enhance

(b) Oppose

(c) Expel

(d) Deny

Answer key: (a)

Obfuscate – make something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible

Obscure – make unclear and difficult to understand

So, ‘Obscure’ is a synonym of ‘Obfuscate’

Burnish – enhance or improve

So, (a) is the answer

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Type – 4: Analogy with general knowledge

Sensex: India:: Nikkei:

(a) China

(b) Japan

(c) USA

(d) Canada

Answer key: (b)

Sensex is the stock exchange of India similarly Nikkei is the stock exchange of Japan

So, (b) is the answer

We hope this post helped you understand the concept of Analogy along with the Analogies Practice Questions. Practice more questions of each type so that you get a good grasp of it.

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