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Books for JAIIB 2024

Best Books for JAIIB: The exam for the Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (JAIIB) is held twice a year – once in May/June and once in November. From 2023 onwards, JAIIB will have 4 papers:
1. Indian Economy and Indian Financial System
2. Principles and Practices of Banking
3. Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers
4. Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Effective preparation requires the right study materials. In this blog, we’ve curated a list of top-notch books to help you excel in every section of the JAIIB exam. Additionally, we’ve included topic-specific and module-specific study resources to complement your preparation. If you want to check out which sites you can refer to for JAIIB, head over to our blog for that.

Best Books for JAIIB 2024

JAIIB Practice Book: JAIIB Books Latest Edition 2024

Great news! Oliveboard has launched the first-ever JAIIB Practice Book on Amazon. If you’re getting ready for the JAIIB 2024 exam and need practice questions that match the new pattern and syllabus, this book is perfect for you. Here’s the link to the JAIIB Question Bank on Amazon:

About the JAIIB Practice Book

Here are the major features that make the JAIIB Practice Book book a must for JAIIB aspirants:

  • Covers all the new papers and topics introduced.
  • Total 20 Full-Length Mock Tests (5 Mock Tests for each paper)
  • Total 2000 practice questions
  • Follows updated exam pattern

IIBF Recommended Books

IIBF has published a list of books recommended for JAIIB preparation. Candidates can purchase these via Amazon or Flipkart. These books will cover all your required topics and modules for the three papers. The books are available both in English and Hindi and the respective titles are also provided for reference.

best books for jaiib

Indian Economy and Indian Financial System E-Book

IIBF has uploaded the Kindle version of the book on Amazon.

best books for jaiib

Buy the IIBF book for Indian Economy and Indian Financial System :

Principles and Practices of Banking E-Book

This book covers all the modules that will be asked in the Principles & Practices of Banking paper. This book has been updated with the latest Principles and Practices of Banking syllabus.

best books for jaiib
Buy the IIBF book Principles and Practices of Banking:

The above-shown images are samples from Amazon.

Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers E-Book

This book contains all the modules for the Accounting and Finance for Bankers paper. From the basic concepts like Simple and Compound Interest to more complex concepts of accounting, all topics are present in this book. It has been updated for the latest JAIIB syllabus

best books for jaiib

Retail Banking and Wealth Management

IIBF has now uploaded the Kindle e-book for Retail Banking and Wealth Management on Amazon. The book is catered to the updated JAIIB syllabus and exam pattern. Candidates can use the buy the kindle e-book and begin familiarising themselves with the same.

best books for jaiib

You can buy and download the Kindle e-book for use through the link below:

Oliveboard’s Best Books for JAIIB: Topic and Module-Specific e-Books

JAIIB Study Material Compilation

Oliveboard hosts a wide range of study material from notes to practice questions to previous years’ papers. You can use the following links to access the study material of your choice or register and explore your dashboard on our site.

Principles and Practices of Banking
Principles And Practices Of Banking Principles And Practices Of Banking | Study Notes For JAIIB (
Reserve Bank of IndiaReserve Bank of India: Organisation & Functions – Oliveboard
Types Of Shares And Their IssueTypes Of Shares And Their Issue- Types, Classification, Bonus Shares (
Understanding The Balance Sheet And Its FormatUnderstanding The Balance Sheets And Its Format (
Functions of BankFunctions of Bank – Short Notes for JAIIB Exam | Oliveboard
Accounting and Finance for Bankers
Accounting And Finance For BankersAccounting And Finance For Bankers | Study Notes For JAIIB (
Assets & Liabilities Assets & Liabilities – Meaning, Legal Requirements, and more (
Calculation of Interest and AnnuitiesCalculation of Interest and Annuities-Business Mathematics For JAIIB (
Calculation of YTMCalculation of YTM(Yield to Maturity)-Basics of Business Mathematics (

JAIIB 2024 E-Books

Economic Concepts in Banking Topper Handwritten NotesEconomic Concepts in Banking for JAIIB 2023 | Oliveboard
Indian Economic Architecture Topper Handwritten NotesIndian Economic Architecture for JAIIB 2023 | Oliveboard
Fundamentals of EconomicsFundamentals of Economics for JAIIB 2023 | Oliveboard
Types of Economics and Basic Economic ProblemsTypes of Economics and Basic Economic Problems | Oliveboard

JAIIB Genius – Weekly Practice Questions for JAIIB Exam

Oliveboard has also offered weekly practice questions for JAIIB aspirants. It has launched “JAIIB Genius” E-Book. This e-book is available weekly and contains questions from each section. Candidates can collect 100+ MCQs over the course of multiple JAIIB Genius Fridays.

This E-Book now offers questions according to the revised JAIIB syllabus and exam pattern.

This eBook is released every week on Friday. So, aspirants can make a goal to solve these questions regularly. These eBooks can be accessed from here. All you have to do is register yourself first and get access to unlimited JAIIB practice questions.


With these books covering all your module and topic-specific concepts, you can be sure of clearing the JAIIB exam. You can find more resources on our website. You can also sign up for our JAIIB courses to have a streamlined preparation and gain access to concept-specific e-books.

You can also find practice question sessions on our YouTube channel. The PDFs for these questions will be provided after the class in the comments section and is free to download.

Best Books for JAIIB: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clear JAIIB in one attempt?

Yes, but aspirants need a robust preparation strategy to back it up.

When will the new JAIIB syllabus be implemented?

The revised JAIIB syllabus implemented from the May/June cycle in 2023.

What are the papers according to the revised JAIIB syllabus?

According to the revised JAIIB syllabus, there will be four papers for JAIIB: Indian Economy and Indian Financial System, Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting, and Financial Management, and Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

Is there a negative marking in JAIIB?

Yes, according to the revised JAIIB exam pattern, there will be 0.25 negative marking for each incorrect answer.

What is the exam pattern for JAIIB 2024?

JAIIB 2024 will have the abovementioned four papers. Each paper will be of 100 questions and 100 marks. There will be a 0.25 negative marking for every incorrect answer.


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