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SSC CAG Auditor job profile – Salary, Career, Pay-scale

cag auditor job profile

One of the most important and prestigious positions in the government and in the SSC CGL department is the designation of the CAG Auditor. It takes a lot of hard work and impeccable competitive exam preparation to score this position. In order to understand this position and what it is associated with continue reading.


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CAG Auditor job profile

The CAG Auditor has many important duties and responsibilities.

  • The CAG Auditor is responsible for auditing all the accounts of any important figures or authority, as and when asked by the Governor or the President.
  • The CAG Auditor submits all the audit reports in relation with the accounts of the Centre to the President. The President then displays these reports in the Parliament.
  • He is responsible for auditing all the transactions of the state governments and the Centre when it comes to things like remittance business, suspense accounts, advances, deposits, sinking funds, and debts.
  • The CAG Auditor provides advice to the President when it comes to matters of the form, in which all the accounts of the state and the Centre will be maintained.
  • He must submit all the accounts’ audit reports of the State to the Governor, who then places them in front of the State Legislature.
  • He is responsible for guiding and navigating the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.
  • He certifies and establishes the total proceeds of any duty or tax, and his certification is absolute in such matters.
  • He is responsible for maintaining and assembling all the accounts of the State government.

The CAG Auditor has to submit three kinds of audit reports to the President, which are the following-

  • Audit report on public undertakings
  • Audit report on finance accounts
  • Audit report on appropriation accounts

Salary Structure

The pay scale of a CAG Auditor ranges from INR 5,200- INR 20,200 and he gets around INR 27,000 on a monthly basis. His grade pay stands at INR 2,800 and apart from this, he can avail additional rewards and benefits such as the following-

  • Mobile phone bill
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) (in case he is not given quarters)
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • Dearness Allowance (DA) on total pay


A CAG Auditor is paid around INR 27,000 per month and the pay scale is between INR 5,200- INR 20,200. Except for this monthly salary, he will also be able to enjoy additional benefits and rewards such as transport allowance (TA), mobile bill, house rent allowance (HRA) if he is not provided with any accommodation quarters and dearness allowance.

The Opportunity of Career Growth

The career path of a CAG Auditor can be a very prosperous one, as you will be eligible for many promotions if you do a good job. The promotions will be in the following order-

Auditor – Senior Auditor – Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) – Audit Officer (AO) – Senior Audit Officer (Sr. A.O) – Assistant Accountant General (AAG) – Deputy Accountant General (DAG)

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The position of the CAG Auditor is one of the most sought after positions when it comes to government jobs for graduates. Even though it is a bit difficult to get through, if you work hard enough you can be successful in your endeavour.