CTET English Study Notes [Paper 1&2] – Complete Exam Preparation

Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test (CTET) is an exam conducted for the aspirants willing to make their career in the teaching sector. This exam is conducted twice in a year and lakhs of aspirants appear in the hope to get through this exam. CTET is a combination of multiple sections like Child pedagogy, Language (I & II), Mathematics, EVS, Social Science, Science. This article will help you prepare for CTET English by providing you with free study notes and tips & Trick’s to prepare.

CTET exam comprises of 2 papers, Paper I & Paper II. Paper I is for the aspirants willing to teach the Primary Level (I-V) & Paper-II is for the aspirants willing to take up VI-VIII standards. Anyone aiming to teach both the levels needs to clear both the papers.

This article will be your complete guide to acing the English language for the CTET exam. Let’s have a look at what all will be covered here in this article:

  • CTET Language 1 & 2 Exam Pattern (Paper 1&2)
  • Language 1 & 2 Syllabus for paper 1&2
  • Important Topics For CTET English Preparations
  • Tailored Mock Test Series For CTET
  • Some Frequently Asked Questions

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1. CTET Language 1 & 2 Exam Pattern

1.1 For Paper I

There are 2 sections in Paper I namely Language I and Language II. Both these sections are compulsory and are to be attempted.

Each section consists of 30 questions with a total of 30 marks. Thus making these 2 sections of 60 marks.

Language I & Language II are distributed each into 2 subsections which further forms the paper.  Both are subdivided into Language Comprehension (15 marks) and Pedagogy of Language Development (15 marks), thus making a total of 30 marks.

1.2 For paper II

A similar pattern as mentioned above for paper I is followed here also. A total of 60 marks are allocated to Language I & Language II.

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2. Syllabus For Langauge I & II (Paper 1 & 2)

The syllabus for language I & II is similar for both papers. Here is the detailed syllabus for the language section.

2.1 Language Comprehension – 15 Questions

Reading unseen passages – two passages one prose or drama and one poem with questions on comprehension, inference, grammar and verbal ability (Prose passage may be literary, scientific, narrative or discursive)

2.2 Pedagogy of Language Development – 15 Questions

  • Learning and acquisition
  • Principles of language Teaching
  • Role of listening and speaking; function of language and how children use it as a tool
  • A critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas verbally and in written form
  • Challenges of teaching    language  in    a  diverse  classroom;    language difficulties, errors and disorders
  • Language Skills
  • Evaluating language comprehension and proficiency: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Teaching-learning materials: Textbook, multi-media materials, multilingual resource of the classroom
  • Remedial Teaching

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3. Important Topics For CTET English Preparations

How To Prepare Reading Comprehension For CTET?  – Read Here

4. CTET Mock Test Series – For Complete Preparations

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5. Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is the Course Same For Language I & II for Paper 1 & 2?

Ans: Yes, the course is the same for Language I & II in both the papers.

Q2) When is the CTET exam scheduled to take place?

Ans: The exam is scheduled to take place on the 5th of July 2020.

Q3) Who all are eligible to apply for the CTET exam?

Ans: You can read the article here to know the complete eligibility criteria.

Q4) What is the qualifying marks for CTET?

Ans: A person who scores 60% marks is considered to be passed in the examination.

Q5) What are the list of topics that will be provided here?

Ans: We will keep updating the list of topics as and when a new topic is covered.


That brings us to the end of this article. This article will provide you with relevant study materials that will help you in clearing the CTET English section in the exam.

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