DG NCC Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh Initiates Thal Sainik Camp 2023

Thal Sainik Camp 2023

Thal Sainik Camp 2023: In a ceremonious inauguration, DG NCC Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh officially kick-started the All India Thal Sainik Camp at the Cariappa Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt on September 20, 2023. This esteemed camp brings together 1,547 Cadets, including 867 Boys and 680 Girls, hailing from 17 NCC Directorates that span every State and Union Territory. Over the course of 12 days, commencing from September 19, these young cadets will be immersed in a wide array of activities, encompassing shooting, Obstacle Training, Map Reading, and various other professional training competitions.

Fostering Future Leaders: The All India Thal Sainik Camp

DG NCC Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh extended a warm and hearty welcome to the cadets as they embarked on this prestigious camp. He highlighted that this unique experience would offer them a taste of a life rich in adventure, discipline, and honor. Beyond the thrill of competition, the camp’s core mission is to instill essential values such as leadership and camaraderie within these young participants.

The All India Thal Sainik Camp aspires to provide a holistic understanding of key aspects of Army Wing Training. By igniting a sense of competitive spirit and emphasizing the importance of discipline and leadership, the camp aims to nurture these cadets into well-rounded individuals. Additionally, it seeks to deepen their sense of national integration and pride.

This camp stands as a testament to the National Cadet Corps’ (NCC) commitment to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. It offers a unique opportunity for these aspiring young leaders to develop crucial life skills while forging lasting connections with peers from diverse backgrounds across the nation.


The All India Thal Sainik Camp is not just a training ground; it is a platform where youth from all corners of India come together to learn, grow, and inspire each other. As the days unfold, these cadets will undoubtedly emerge as stronger, more disciplined, and more united individuals, carrying with them the values instilled during their time at this camp into their future endeavors. The NCC’s unwavering dedication to nurturing these future leaders is evident, and their journey at the All India Thal Sainik Camp promises to be transformative and memorable.


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