DU LLB Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips | Sample Questions

DU LLB Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips: DU LLB entrance is conducted by NTA for admission to three year LLB courses offered by Delhi University. For the year 2022, the exam notification is expected in May 2022.

As per the latest update, the DU LLB 2022 exam will be an online CBT with 4 sections namely, Analytical Abilities, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude and English Language Comprehension.

The quantitative aptitude topics come under the Analytical abilities section and at most 5-7 questions will be there from the quant topic.

Before moving on to the preparation tips, let’s have a look at the exam pattern first.

DU LLB Exam Pattern

The DU LLB exam pattern is as follows:

SectionsNumber of QuestionsTotal Marks
General Knowledge25
English Language & Comprehension25
Legal Awareness & Aptitude25
Analytical Abilities25

DU LLB Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips

The DU LLB Quantitative aptitude questions can be expected from topics such as number systems, average, percentage, profit and loss, mensuration, graphs, probability, work and time etc.

The best tips for preparing the quant section will be as follows:

  1. The question asked will be based on 10th standard, therefore aspirants are recommended to practice as much as possible from the topics mentioned in the syllabus.
  2. Learn basic formulas of algebra, profit and loss, simple and compound interest,mensuration, geometry etc as it will be very helpful in solving questions easily.
  3. Accuracy is the key to score more marks in any competitive exam, and as per the DU LLB exam pattern, for every correct response the candidate will get 4 marks while for an incorrect answer will result in 1 mark deduction.
  4. Do not take more than a minute for solving one question as it will waste your precious time and time is of essence in competitive exams.
  5. Practising sectional and full paper mock tests is the best way to manage the time in exam as it will help you build up the neccessary speed and accuracy.

DU LLB Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

The syllabus for Quantitative aptitude for DU LLB consists of basic mathematics topics as follows:

  • Number Systems
  • Percentage & Average
  • Time Speed and Distance
  • Profit Loss
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Areas
  • Mensuration
  • People, Time and Work
  • Probability
  • Statistics Graphs

DU LLB Quantitative Aptitude Sample Questions

Q. An article is sold a profit of 20%. If the selling price is doubled, the profit will be:

a. 100%

b. 150%

c. 200%

d. 140%

Solution: d. 140%

Q. A is 50% as efficient as B. C does half of the work done by A and B together. If C alone does the work in 20 days, then A, B and C together can do the work in:

a. 6 days

b. 20/3days

c. 17/3days

d. 7 days

Solution: b. 20/3 days

Q. Fifteen years ago, the ratio of A’s age to B’s age was 6:12 Their present ratios are 3:7 What is the present age of A?

a. 55 years

b. 60 years

c. 80 years

d. 75 years

Solution: d. 75 years


That was all about DU LLB Quantitative Aptitude preparation tips. We hope that it will prove beneficial for the aspirants in exam preparation. For more updates, stay connected to Oliveboard.


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