How to Ace ECGC PO Interview 2022: Important Tips and Much More

How to Ace ECGC PO interview  Questions and tips: With the conclusion of the ECGC PO exam, it’s time to gear up for the interviews! ECGC Conducts the ECGC PO interview every year for the students who clear the written exam. The interview can be a daunting part for many students, so in order to help those students, we bring to you the free ECGC PO interview blog where we have compiled the questions that are most commonly asked by the interviewing officer, we will also tell you how to effectively answer such questions. Apart from this, we will be sharing tips for your interview preparation. So, without any delay let’s get started.

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ECGC PO Interview-Brief introduction

A candidate is considered eligible for an interview once he secures the minimum cut-off marks in the final examination. The purpose of the interview is to select one suitable individual for the concerned profession. The candidate may be having higher qualifications; however, he may not be having the requisite potential and courage to accept the responsibilities related to the profession for which he is aspiring. In fact, a candidate is expected to have good communication ability, leadership quality, the emotional strength to face the challenges in his day-to-day work life, and the capability to develop effective interpersonal relationships.

Banking is a service-oriented organization and it demands cadres who are interested in putting their best efforts into their profession; mingling with the customers freely and friendly apart from maintaining a cordial, social and friendly relationship with their peers and superiors. That’s why the interview is conducted to select the eligible candidates for the post of PO.

Tips To Ace ECGC PO Interview

In our last blog post about banking interviews, we mentioned that SBI, conducts panel interviews, and among the 5 people in that panel, there maybe one, who doesn’t seem to do anything. So what is he simply sitting there for?!

That person is observing you and your body language. Just to give you an idea of how important a factor this is: Body Language accounts for about 70% of our communication with the other person.

Come to think of it, even before you say a word, a person will have formed an impression about you. But like we said, we’ve got you covered. 

Read along to find out everything you need to do to ace that 70% of the conversation.

1. Dress To Conquer

Source: Business Insider

Dressing appropriately is of immense importance. Your attire determines the kind of first impression you will give your employers. It’s a good idea to wear smart formals to your interview and Casual, un-ironed clothes; unpolished, informal footwear are a complete NO NO!

Tip for women: Women can wear a plain and light-colored cotton saree or salwar kameez with a plain dupatta or a blazer with a light-colored blouse and trousers. Use minimum jewelry and makeup.

Tip for men: Men can go for a plain light-colored shirt and dark-colored trousers and a plain tie. A blazer would be good during the winter season. Make sure your shoes are polished, you are clean-shaven and your hair is neat.

Make sure you dress appropriately and this is important not just for others but also because it also boosts your confidence!

2. Offer A Firm Handshake

We can’t emphasize this enough!

A lousy handshake can get fetch you a really negative impression and that’s the last thing you want. On the other hand, a firm handshake will get you loads of brownie points.

3. Be In control of That Slouching Back and Fidgety Hands


Sit up straight, don’t ever slouch!

Yes, maintaining a good body posture indicates that you are eager and attentive. And trust us on this one, it goes a long way.

4. Eye Contact!

Maintaining eye contact is indicative of your honesty and confidence. It implicitly makes you trustworthy and indicates that you are comfortable with yourself and know what you are talking about.

Both, highly desirable traits in a prospective employee.     

5. Believe in Yourself

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t; either way, you’re right!”

Heard that famous quote by Henry Ford?

Believing that you can do it, is the key to succeeding. So just take a deep breath and go nail that interview! In case, we couldn’t pump you up, we’re sure  this extra dose of motivation and self belief will!

6. Do your research on the bank

Do thorough background research of the bank and the job profile you’re interviewing for. Out of all the questions asked by the interviewer, two to three will be related to their company and the job profile you’re applying for. Visit the bank website before appearing for the interview.

7. Be polite to the interviewer

Greet the interviewer(s) after entering with a firm handshake and do not sit until you have been asked to take a seat. A ‘Hello’ and ‘How do you do?’ would suffice, and you need not indulge in small talk with the interviewer(s).

8. Thank the interviewer

Last but not the least; do not leave the room without thanking the interviewer(s) for giving you his/her/their time.

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Interview tips from Experts:

One has to be meticulous when preparing for an interview. Because every tiny detail
matters! The thing of utmost importance is, RESEARCH.

  1. Know the Bank Better- Before appearing for an interview, you should make sure that you have a good knowledge of the bank, of their work culture and recent news related to that bank (if any).
  2. Know YOURSELF better- What we mean to say is that you should know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You should be able to come up with real-life stories that are indicative of those strengths. You should know why you made certain career decisions. Hence, introspection is a must!

Factors that matter during an interview:

  1. Consider the following image

As you can see from the picture, poor communication skills and improper body language are major reasons why candidates are rejected in an interview. Hence, the ability to clearly express your thoughts is critical. A great way of doing that is interviewing yourself.
Start with asking yourself a simple question like: ‘what are your strengths, while standing in front of a mirror and cross-question yourself. Note your body language, if there is any shaking or fidgeting; make a conscious effort to stop it.

How to answer the questions you don’t know the answer to: Read Here

This is all from our side in this blog ” How to Ace ECGC PO Interview”. STAY TUNED!


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