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Interview Tips for SBI PO: SBI PO 2022-23 Mains Exams are over. Previously, we shared with you the SBI PO Mains exam analysis and expected cut-offs. With that, you will get an idea of your chances to get through the SBI PO Mains and be selected for the SBI PO Interview. As per the official notification, the SBI PO Mains result might be out in the last week of February 2023 and candidates would be invited for interviews and group exercises from March 2023. These are however tentative dates. Today, we bring to you a few interview tips for SBI PO 2023 that will help you ace the interview process. These tips will be helpful for other banking interviews too.


Interview Tips for SBI PO 2023

  1. Plan: Once you receive your call letter for the interview, make a checklist of all the documents required, decide what you’re going to wear for the interview, and get an idea of the time and venue well in advance.
  2. Prepare: Visit SBI’s official website and read about the bank and its processes. Knowing about the hiring bank always gives you an upper hand and confidence.
  3. Stay updated: Read newspapers every day and stay updated about the latest happenings. Pay special attention to news related to Finance, Banking, and Business.
  4. Rehearse: It’s a good idea to practice mock interviews at your home to boost your confidence. Rehearse for the interview with the help of your family members or friends.
  5. Be punctual and neatly dressed: Make sure you arrive at the interview venue well before time and are dressed neatly and appropriately.
  6. Be confident and polite: The interview panel usually consists of 4-5 well-experienced professionals from the banking sector. Make sure you knock before entering and greet them politely with a smile. If the interviewer shakes hands with you, grip it confidently but do not tighten the grip.
  7. Keep it simple: Last but not the least, be yourself and do not seem over-confident or desperate for the job. If you don’t know the answer to the question, say you don’t know. Try not to speak too fast and lastly thank the panel before leaving the room.

Download the SBI PO Interview Guide E-book

Candidates can also download the brief guide for the SBI PO Interview from the link mentioned below. This E-book provides you with some of the best tips to ace the SBI PO Interview.

Interview Tips for SBI PO 2018 by Govind Upadhyay (Cleared SBI PO 2017)

In his own words,

  • Prepare everything about yourself. Your birthplace, your name, your present place of residence, your hobbies and interests, etc.
  • Know your family background: The interviewer(s) can ask questions about the occupation of your parents.
  • Your educational background: Most importantly the subjects of your graduation (or Post-graduation, if done). You need to prepare the basic concepts of the subjects you studied during your graduation or post-graduation, as the interviewer(s) can ask you questions from there, you never know. This can also be grounded in the ‘infamous’ Question, “Why Banking, after B. Tech or Maths or Biology?”
  • Your work experience, in any: Be prepared for questions related to your work profile. This can also lead to follow-up questions as to why you want to join Bank after working in IT or HR etc.
  • Also important is Banking Awareness, which you would already have prepared during the Mains Examination
  • Next is, General Awareness. This will include big newsmakers of the past month. Big newsmakers like Demonetization, the Union Budget, US Election, etc; will also include Flagship schemes of the Government, such as Beti Bachao, Bati Padhao, Make in India, etc.

Important Interview Tips – Watch Video

Hope these interview tips for SBI PO help.All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the SBI PO 2023 Interview be conducted?

SBI PO 2023 Interview is expected to be conducted in March 2023.

Is SBI PO 2022 Mains result released?

No, the SBI PO Mains result is not out yet.


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