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English Grammar is an important section in every competitive exam- Banks exams, SSC CGL, State Civil Service Exams, and UPSC Civil Services Exam. This section tests your proficiency and grasp of the English language. Like all languages, English too is based on and bound by some fixed rules. These rules form English grammar– the foundation of the English language. To score good marks and get ahead of the competition you have to master English grammar. It is possible to acquire the maximum possible marks in the English section and improve your marks tally. But for that, you need a detailed and thorough understanding of grammar. In this article, we will talk about English grammar prepositions. Prepositions mandatorily feature in these exams because this segment of English grammar is quite tricky and it’s easy to get confused and make mistakes. So, here is a list of important and common English grammar prepositions. Learn their usage so that you can sail through the English section of the paper.

  1. In

‘In’ is one of the trickiest English grammar prepositions. It is used in these scenarios-

  • To indicate a place or location. For example, she lives IN London. The table was IN the room.
  • To indicate time. For Example, She came home IN July.
  • To indicate Language. For Example, She spoke IN English. He wrote the letter IN Hindi.
  • To indicate some form of membership. For Example, His father is IN the army.
  1. On

This preposition signifies a position. For Example

  • The book is ON the table.
  • He has a scar ON his face.

Remember, if you are talking about sitting or lying, we do not use ‘ on’. Instead, ‘ in’ is used.

  • She was sitting IN a chair.
  • When we arrived, he was lying IN bed.

‘On’ can also indicate specific time.

  • My sister received many gifts ON her birthday.
  • We will set off ON 31st December.
  1. At

Another adjective that can be tricky because of its multiple uses-

  • We pointed our fingers AT him.
  • I love staring AT this painting.
  • My mother is AT work. (She is IN the office)
  1. Under

Under can also signify position-

  • We found the ball UNDER the table.
  • She works UNDER my Aunt.
  1. By

We use by in these cases-

  • I travel BY train.
  • He sat down BY the door.
  • Our house is BY the sea.
  1. After

After is also used to indicate time

  • They arrived AFTER me.
  • We will set off AFTER breakfast.
  1. Among

This preposition is used in relation to more than two things or persons-

  • AMONG all the performers, she was the best.
  1. Between

This preposition is used in relation to two persons or things.

  • Our house is situated BETWEEN two hills.
  • I sat down BETWEEN my two friends.
  1. Opposite

Opposite also indicates position.

  • Our house is OPPOSITE yours.
  1. Behind
  • Her car was parked BEHIND our house.
  • He walked BEHIND me.
  1. Over
  • I was holding an umbrella OVER my head.
  • The bird flew OVER the river.
  1. Of
  • The opening ceremony was the highlight OF the tournament.
  • I dream OF becoming a writer.
  • She drank 3 cups OF tea.
  1. To
  • I’m glad TO hear he is okay.
  • She’s going TO Kolkata.
  • I wrote a letter TO the manager.
  1. For
  • I made this especially FOR you.
  • I’m here FOR the history lecture.
  • I resigned FOR this reason.
  1. With
  • I’m traveling WITH my mother.
  • The gift is WITH me.

Now that you know more about English grammar prepositions, practice them so that you make no errors in your exam. Subscribe to Oliveboard an get access to specifically designed courses to help you crack the exam.

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