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FCI AG-3 Mains 2023 Memory-based GA Paper: The Food Corporation of India conducted the FCI AG-3 Phase 2 exam on 5th March 2023. The exam was conducted in a single shift. Phase 2 of FCI AG-3 Recruitment mainly consisted of post-specific papers. The General and Depot posts in particular only had to attend a single paper. Paper-1 has a General Studies section which is what we’ll be covering here.

FCI AG-3 Mains 2023 Memory-based GA Paper

  1. Headquarters of Gst council – New delhi
  2. Noncommunicable dieses – Diabetes
  3. Which is not an indirect tax – GST (capital gain tax is direct tax)
  4. Brihadeshwara temple – Chola
  5. Largest Helicopter manufacturing plant – Tumkuru, Karnataka
  6. Highest Area covered by forest – Madhya pradesh
  7. Valmiki Tiger Reserve- Bihar
  8. Ashtadhyayi book written by – Panini
  9. Fermentation is the process in which sugars are converted into (alcohol) and carbon dioxide by the action of microbes like –
  10. Seismology is the study of – Earthquake
  11. Window+ space – keyboard layout
  12. Win 98 to win xp -upgrade
  13. BSE establishment date -1875
  14. Unesco heritage sites – Agra fort, ellora, Fatehpur sikri, all of the above.
  15. First Indian city to get into the global network of silk cities – Bangalore
  16. Pointing device – mouse
  17. Best Tableau among States/Uts under Popular choice – Gujarat
  18. Chemical reaction – Rusting of iron
  19. First round table conference – 1930-31
  20. Number of mole tooth in adult – 12 (eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars, and 12 molars)
  21. Digital currency CBDC accepted by which firm – Reliance Retail
  22. Clinical thermometer range: 35°C to 42°C
  23. Mini Switzerland of India = Khajjiar, HP
  24. Vitamin A scientific name= retinol
  25. India’s Highest fall & Asia’s second largest waterfall = kuchnikal falls
  26. The maximum amount under Mahila Samman Bachat Patra scheme = 2 lakh
  27. The coolest place in India = Dras
  28. On Venus and Mars, gas forms the major components constituting 95-97% of
  29. gaseous components on these planets – CO2 AFC Championship cup 2027 venue = Saudi Arabia
  30. 1st Export process zone in India = Kandala
  31. Major Coffee exporting country =(Italyaly, , Germany Germany & Russia
  32. PET in plastic bottles = Polyethylene terephthalate
  33. Astadhyayi = panini
  34. Software available for trial : Freeware
  35. Pulses indian rank = first

FCI AG-3 Mains 2023 Memory-based GA Paper: Conclusion

These are the questions that have been mainly asked in the General Awareness section of FCI AG-3 Mains 2023. We will make sure to verify and update this list with all the questions and their options for ease of study for you. Please refer to the video below for a clearer understanding of the paper:

FCI AG-3 Mains Memory-based GA Paper 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

What was the difficulty of the GA section in FCI AG-3 Mains 2023?

The GA section was moderate-difficult. Thorough knowledge of recent happenings in the economy, banking, and static knowledge and current affairs is necessary.

What topics are asked in the FCI AG-3 Mains GA section?

The GA section covers Current Affairs, Static GA, Banking awareness, and Economic Awareness.


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