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With the release of exam dates for multiple UP Exams, the preparation has taken up momentum among the students. So in order to excel in this exam, you have to maximize your score in each of the sections. One of the important sections in this exam is the General Science section. The general science section if prepared with the right strategy can definitely give you an edge over the other candidates. In this article, we shall discuss the detailed preparation strategy for General Science for UP Exams.

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General Science Study Notes For UP Exams | Download PDF

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Exam Pattern of UP Exams

The general science section of the UP exams usually covers a significant amount of share in the total marks. Aspirants can use this complete and concise study notes to ace the science portion. The number of question from science vary with each exam, but the syllabus remains the same. Let’s have a look at the Science syllabus.

Sneak Peek Into the Ebook | General Science for UP Exams

The syllabus for UP Exams broadly mentions that the General Science section will cover Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences of the 10th standard level (CBSE). However, we shall have a detailed understanding of the complete syllabus of General Science for UP Exams.


Following are the topics to be covered for Physics:

Light – Reflection and RefractionHuman Eye and Colourful World
ElectricityOur Environment
Management of Natural ResourcesMagnetic Effects of Electric Current
Sources of Energy 

Let us have a look at the sup-topics in Physics for the General Science for UP Exams.

Light – Reflection and Refraction:
Human Eye and Colourful World:
  • Electric Current and Circuit
  • Electric Potential and Potential Difference
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Factors on which the resistance of a conductor depends
  • Resistance of a system of resistors
  • Heating Effect of Electric Current
  • Electric Power

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Magnetic Effects of Electric Current:
  • Magnetic Field and Field Lines
  • Magnetic Field due to a current carrying conductor
  • Force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field
  • Electric Motor
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Electric Generator
  • Domestic Electric Circuits
Sources of Energy:
Our Environment:
  • Eco-System and  its components.
  • Activities affecting the Environment

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Following are the topics to be covered for Chemistry.

Chemical Reactions and EquationsAcids, Bases and Salts
Metals and Non-MetalsCarbon and its Compounds
Periodic Classification of Elements 

Let us have a look at the sup-topics in Chemistry for the General Science for UP Exams.

Chemical Reactions and Equations:
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Balanced Chemical Equations
  • Oxidation and Reduction
Acids, Bases and Salts:
  • Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Concept of pH Scale
  • Bleaching Powder, Uses of Sodium Hydroxide, Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Plaster of Paris
Metals and Non-Metals:

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Carbon and its Compounds:
Periodic Classification of Elements:
  • Periodic classification of elements : Need for classification
  • Valency
  • Atomic number
  • Metallic and non-metallic properties

Life Sciences:

Life ProcessesControl and Coordination
How do Organisms ReproduceHeredity and Evolution

Following are the topics to be covered for Life Sciences.

Life Processes:
How Do Organisms Reproduce:
  • Modes of Reproduction
Heredity and Evolution:
  • Heredity and Evolution
  • Evolution and Classification
Control and Coordination:
  • Animals – Nervous System
  • Coordination in Plants and Hormones in Animals

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Tips to prepare for General Science for UP Exams:

  • The General Science section is expected to contain basic Science questions from Class 8- 10. So, a thorough read of these topics from the NCERT books can help to ace this section. One can also refer to NCERT Notes that are scattered across the internet.
  • You can refer to the PDFs of science notes on the Oliveboard’s portal for the complete preparation of science section.
  • Books like Lucent’s General Science, Arihant’s NCERT Practice Workbook Science can help you with the General Science section for RRB Group-D.
  • How can the preparation of any competitive exam be holistic, if you do not practice? To test your understanding and gain confidence in General Science for UP Exams, attempt sectional test on daily basis and full length mock test at least once in a week .

Sample Questions:

Here are some Sample Questions on General Science for UP Exams.

1.Decibel is the unit of which of the following?

  1. Speed of Light
  2. Intensity of Sound
  3. Intensity of Heat
  4. Amount of Electricity

Answer: 2

2. Amphibians and many reptiles have how many chambered hearts?

  1. Three
  2. Two
  3. Four
  4. Five

Answer: 1

3. What is the chemical name of Baking Soda?

  1. Sodium Carbonate
  2. Sodium Bicarbonate
  3. Sodium Thiocarbonate
  4. Sodium Tetracarbonate

Answer: 2

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Hope this blog helped you in your preparation. If you have any queries feel free to post it below.

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