300 General Science Questions PDF – for Railway Exams

General Science is a very important part of various Railway Exams like RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, RRB JE, etc. In this section, basic questions on various sections of the General Science syllabus like Physics, Chemistry, Biology are asked. To help our readers gain an edge in their Railway Exams preparations we have compiled 300 General Science Questions PDF.

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In this E-book, you will get  -:

  • 100 Physics Questions and Answers
  • 100 Chemistry Questions and Answers
  • 100 Biology Questions and Answers

This General Science questions PDF covers almost all the important topics to be prepared for Railway Exams ranging from Chemical Compounds, Acids & Bases, Physics Laws, Human Body, Viruses, Diseases to Vitamins, etc.

Once you are through with this General Science questions PDF, you would be able to answer the majority of the Questions to be asked in the General Science section of the upcoming RRB Group D and RRB NTPC Exams.

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1. 300 General Science questions PDF – Sneak Peek

1.1 Physics Questions

Q1) Blades of a windmill possess ________, hence they are turned by a fast wind.

Ans -: Potential Energy

Q2) A dark-skinned man experiences ______, as compared to a fair-skinned man.

Ans -: Less heat & Less cold

Q3) What device is used to break/complete an electronic circuit?

Ans -: Switch

Q4) What is the temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and the centigrade scales have the same value?

Ans -: -40°

Q5) Acceleration acts always in the direction of the ______.

Ans -: Net force

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1.2 Chemistry Questions

Q1) What is used in the nuclear reactor as a moderator. It is also known as Heavy Water?

Ans -: Deuterium Oxide (D2O)

Q2) Which Metal is in a liquid state at room temperature?

Ans -: Gallium

Q3) _________ elements are non-metal.

Ans -: Electro-negative

Q4) What is known as Artificial Silk.

Ans -: Rayon

Q5) Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is also known as –

Ans -: Laughing Gas

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1.3 Biology Questions

Q1. Alcoholic drink contains _______.

Ans -: Ethyl Alcohol

Q2. Glucose is stored in the form of ______ by Animals.

Ans -: Glycogen

Q3. Ascariasis is caused by ________.

Ans -: Round Worm

Q4. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) gives immunity from ________.

Ans -: Tuberculosis

Q5. Blood groups were discovered by –

Ans -: Karl Landsteiner

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