Haryana Civil Judge Salary & Job Profile

HPSC or Haryana Public Service Commission’s salary details for the Judicial Services have been updated by HPSC/Haryana PSC. Those who want to find out the complete information for the HPSC Judicial Services salary details can do so by checking the official notification as well as this post. Here we are going to have a detailed look at Haryana Civil Judge Salary & Haryana Civil Judge Job Profile.

Haryana Civil Judge salary & Job profile

If you are a candidate who wants to fill in the application for Haryana Civil Judge, it will be good for you to know the Haryana Civil Judge salary & job profile beforehand. The notification for Haryana Civil Judge 2021 has declared 256 vacancies, of which 239 are actual, and 1 are anticipatory.  All candidates need to acquaint themselves with the salary structure for Haryana Civil Judge and the job profile while applying for the post. 

  • A candidate can check for the notification regarding the Haryana Civil Judge salary for the year 2021 on the commission’s official website.
  • The salary for the candidates who are recruited to the Haryana PSC Judicial Services shall be starting at Rs. 27,700 and could be as much as Rs. 44,770 per month.
  • The regulations laid down by the pay commission (7th) will be followed for the recruited candidates. 
  • Those candidates who are selected will get eligible for additional benefits and perks post their period of probation.

Haryana Civil Judge Salary Annual Package

All candidates who get recruited to join the Haryana Judicial Services can draw a salary based on the 7th pay commission.

The salary range of the PSC Judicial Services of Haryana in the year 2021 starts at Rs.27,700, and the upper limit for it is Rs.44,700. As and when needed, the government will bring in amendments and revise the salary. The per annum/yearly salary package for the post of the Haryana Judicial Services in the year 2021 recruit will range from a minimum of Rs 3.3 lakh to a maximum limit of Rs. 5.3 lakh, with additional allowances.

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Haryana Civil Judge Salary Structure

All candidates who get selected for a post in the Haryana Judicial Services are eligible for a specific allowance and salary as decided under the Judicial Services of PSC in Haryana. Some of these allowances are specified in the following list. 

  • Dearness Allowance  (DA)
  • House Rent  (HRA) 
  • Travel Allowance (TA)

Haryana Civil Judge Salary in Hand 2021

  • The candidates will also get their basic pay plus allowances and be eligible to receive an increased salary in hand.
  • The salary in-hand for the Judicial Services of the PSC of Haryana 2021 falls between a minimum of Rs. 27,700 to a maximum limit of Rs. 44,700, when calculated based on the pay commission (7th).

Haryana Civil Judge- Benefits and Perks

All candidates who get selected for the post of Civil Judge Haryana are eligible for certain additional benefits and some perks that come along with the specific post. Along with the salary, some of the specific perks provided to the persons recruited are listed below. Along with the salary of the Judicial Services of PSC, also check some of these perks and benefits below:

  • Professional development
  • Post-retirement pension
  • Medical insurance
  • Many more
  • Insurance coverage
  • Increments and incentives
  • Housing benefits

Haryana Civil Judge Job Profile

Haryana Civil Judge Job Profile is to preside over a court of law. The Civil Judge has to hear what all of the witnesses have to say and also closely examine all evidence which the litigating parties put forth during the hearing, make an assessment of how credible are the charges that have been put forth, and only then go ahead and use their judgment to issue a ruling for the case. The Civil Judge must be extremely objective and have the patience to carefully listen to arguments, facts, and evidence presented by both the involved parties. While a Civil Judge will have to use discretion to pass a ruling, this discretion must be based on the basic principle of law.

All the power vested in the Civil Judge is not to be used to hand out favours. This power is to be used to ensure that no party is denied their rights.  A Haryana Civil Judge should have a thorough knowledge of various subjects and issues so that the Judge can better understand what the parties are saying and can hear them out in a better manner. 

A Haryana Civil Judge must have the ability and consistency to assess and reach good judgments.  A Civil Judge needs to keep increasing knowledge and have a tremendous ability to remember this information since it could relate to all things that could be subject to litigation.  A Civil Judge must remain updated and have expertise in procedural laws — Law of Evidence, Code of Criminal Procedure, and Code of Civil Procedure.  Also essential for a civil Judge is to be able to debate skillfully and be a prolific orator.

Probation Period

As with most jobs, even for a recruited candidate in Haryana, to the post of Civil Judge with the Haryana Public Service Commission, it is essential to complete a specified period of probation to become a permanent employee.  During the probation period, the employees complete their on-the-job training and learn the nuances of the role that they have to perform and the tasks attached to their job profile.  In the case of the Civil Judge, a probation period of 2 years has been specified by the Haryana PSC. This implies that for a recruit to become eligible for the various perks and benefits attached to the post of Civil Judge in Haryana, it is essential to complete 2 years post the appointment. It is important to remember that only after the successful completion of the 2 years and after the recruit becomes permanent is the employee eligible for receiving increments in salary as Haryana Civil Judge.  It is important to note that the reference to year means calendar year. The period of two years can be extended for an appointee expressly or impliedly by a maximum of one year.

Each candidate is required to pass with the Higher Standard the prescribed Departmental Examination within two years, starting from the selection date of the candidate. This has to be cleared whether or not the candidate was appointed to the post of Civil Judge during this period. Suppose the candidate is unable to clear the prescribed examination within the specified period. In that case, the name of the candidate will be removed from the register of candidates. In case the candidate has already been appointed as Civil Judge, the appointment too shall be canceled, and the candidate will no longer remain in Service and will be removed from service:

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Promotion and Career Growth

After an appointment to the post of Civil Judge in Haryana, an employee becomes eligible for Promotion and can think about career growth, but only after a specific period has been served and the employee becomes permanent. The employee can even get promoted to a higher judiciary, such as the Supreme Court of India, only if the employee fulfills the qualification requirements, minimum time and duration on the job, plus service records that are clean and impeccable.


The Notification and registration for the Haryana Civil Judge recruitment process have been completed.  It is now time for the examinations and viva-voce to be conducted.  Then the selected candidates will be able to join the Service and will be appointed to the post of Civil Judge in due course.  Before you sit for the examination, it will be good to acquaint yourself with the Haryana Civil Judge job profile and salary. This is a post with many perks and also a lot of responsibility.  When you sit on the seat of a Civil Judge, make sure that you use your discretion and hand out judgments wisely. 


For a Haryana Civil Judge, what will be the minimum Haryana salary?

For a candidate appointed to the post of Haryana Civil Judge, the minimum salary will be Rs 27,700.00.

What perks are there associated with the Haryana Civil Judge post?

The Haryana Civil Judge is eligible for additional benefits, such as pension after retirement, insurance cover, housing benefits, to name a few.

Does a Haryana Civil Judge get any allowances in addition to the salary? 

There is a provision for additional allowances besides the salary for a Haryana Civil Judge. The Haryana PSC gives the candidates who are recruited specific allowances.  Some of these allowances are in the category of travel, house rent, and dearness. 

Are there any prospects for career growth once a candidate has become a Haryana Civil Judge?

There certainly is scope for career growth.   Over a period of time and with good performance, the Civil Judge can be moved to a higher judiciary. 

For a Haryana Civil Judge, please provide the period of probation.

Any candidate who has to become a permanent employee has to go through a probation period. In the case of a Haryana Civil Judge, this period is 2 years, extendable by a maximum of one year. It cannot be a probation period of more than three years. After the probation period, the candidate could become a permanent employee eligible for several other allowances and perks. 


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