Holi 2024 Date, History and Significance in India

Holi 2024

Holi, a lively Hindu festival, is celebrated with great excitement by Hindus all around the world. It’s the second most important festival in the Hindu calendar, right after Diwali. Known as the festival of colors, Holi brings people together and marks the harvest season. In this article, we’ll explore the date of Holi in 2024, the interesting story behind it, and how people worldwide will celebrate it in different ways.

Holi Date 2024

Holi in 2024 will be celebrated on March 25. The first day involves a special bonfire, and the second day is all about playing with colors. These dates are based on the Hindu calendar and have cultural significance.

History of Holi

Holi lasts for two days. The first day, called Chhoti Holi, involves a bonfire. The second day, known as Dhulandi, is when people play with colored powders and water. It’s a time for joy and togetherness, and it also marks the harvest season.

Holi has a fascinating story from Hindu mythology about a good boy named Prahlad and a wicked demon king named Hiranyakashyap. The tale teaches us about the victory of good over evil. The special bonfire during Holi symbolizes this triumph, and the ashes are considered lucky.

After the bonfire, the next day is all about playing with colors. People apply dry and wet colors on each other, symbolizing the arrival of spring. Traditional sweets are enjoyed, and in some places, people even drink a special drink called bhang to add to the fun.

Significance of Holi 2024

In India:

  1. Barsana Holi: In this town, men and women playfully fight with bamboo sticks during Lathmar Holi.
  2. Holi in Shantiniketan: This celebration involves cultural activities, songs, and a mix of Bengali culture.
  3. Holi in Pushkar, Rajasthan: Known for Kapda Faad Holi, where men tear off their shirts while playing Holi.
  4. Holi in Vrindavan: Celebrated at the Banke Bihari Temple, it involves devotees playing Holi with colors and flowers.

Around the World:

  1. Guyana: Celebrated as Phagwa, it includes color play, effigy burning, and singing.
  2. Nepal: Celebrated with colored water and vibrant Holi colors on the last day called “Chir.”
  3. USA: Celebrated with parades, dance, and color play, especially in areas with many Indians.
  4. Trinidad and Tobago: Features a special folk song, “Chotwal,” and people dancing to the beats.
  5. Singapore: Rang Barsay event involves Bollywood songs, sweets, cocktails, and lots of colorful fun.


As Holi 2024 approaches, people worldwide eagerly await the colorful celebrations that bring joy, unity, and a sense of togetherness. Whether in India or across the globe, Holi continues to be a magical time of shared happiness, triumph, and the simple pleasure of being alive.

25th March 2024 Special Day

The vibrant festival of Holi on March 25th represents a symbolic timing for Hindus worldwide to manifest optimism by commemorating the annual celebration of unity, renewed beginnings and harvest bounty. As the distinct calendar date approaches, Hindu communities come together, united by ancient traditions and a shared goal to continue spreading Holi’s message of the triumph of good over evil. The early arrival of 2024’s Holi will be the perfect opportunity to set aspirational targets around sustaining cultural practices, recalibrating priorities to focus on togetherness, and rekindling hope for a future where diversity is championed. The special occasion presents a chance to create widespread solidarity by having Hindu and non-Hindu participants alike join the (kolhapur) festivities.


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