How To Improve Your Mock Tests Score By 45% with AI Coach – Know Here

Practice, yes practice is the one major factor that separates the students selected from the ones who missed the target by a mere margin. Do you know that there is always a strategic way to attempt the mock test? Well, if you are not aware of it, we will let you know through this article. And with the exams like different banking, government, and insurance exams expected soon, a strategized approach becomes all the more important. Here we will also cover how you can effectively shape your preparations if you are targeting the upcoming government exams.

This article will provide you how a candidate increases average score and accuracy using Oliveboard’s AI coach with 5 effective ways in which you should attempt every banking and government exam and increase your scores with proven steps. So let’s not delay and start the article.

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What is Oliveboard’s AI Coach?

AI Coach is an AI-driven recommendation to help users increase their score by 45%. (or by + 16). It gives complete feedback on mock attempts and test strategy followed. Also, it provides guidance around what to do next to improve score and accuracy.

Features of Oliveboard’s AI Coach

  1. Increase your score by 45% with Oliveboard’s AI Coach
  2. Use AI Coach feedback to increase your average score by +16

Get Experts Feedback & Strategy on Each Test by Top Faculty

This is applicable for IBPS Tests Only.

IBPS Tests Preparation: 45% Score Improvement With AI Coach

Mock Test Practice is the only way to improve your score and when you have a chance to improve your score directly by 45% then nothing can be best than this.

After attempting any IBPS Tests you can improve your score by +16 with the help of AI Coach feature available on our platform after every mock test.

You will get Get Experts Feedback & Strategy on Each Test by Top Faculty.

You will also get a section-wise strategy after every mock test which will help you in your score improvement.

Where will you get this feature?

It is just mentioned above in your mock tests list as shown in the image below. Click on the AI Coach and know how to improve your score by 45%.

Practice Questions for IBPS PO

1. How to Attempt Mock Test?

When we talk about the upcoming exams, the IBPS PO is one that pulls our complete attention. IBPS PO is a prime examination and lakhs of students aspire to join the elite institution. Today, we will talk about how we can attempt our mock tests so that we can maximize our scores in the tests.

Here we have discussed a few pointers on how attempting a mock test and strategically attempting the mock tests makes a difference.

Remember, these techniques are tried and tested by our experts and the toppers.


1.1 Start with a Practice Test

The process of increasing your scores start with a mere understanding of the topics that you need to work on. Starting with a practice test will let you know your stronger areas and areas that need more focus.

Here we move ahead to the first step towards strategizing our mock attempts. For the next mock pick the questions that you are most comfortable to start with.

Start off with the strong topics and gradually move to the ones you left for later. Solve them post the test to know what would be your approach and how could you have tackled that question.

SBI PO Study plan

1.2 Highlight Your Strength & Polish Your Weakness

No doubts your strong points will help you stay in the line but exams are a race where reaching a destination matters the most.

Now is the time to polish your weakness. Understand what topics trouble you and how you can overcome the obstacle.

Well, what would you do to gain the concept of Understanding? Yes, you guessed it right, you will move on to the video lectures. We what if provide you with Learning & practice in one place, wouldn’t that be exciting?

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1.3. Analyzing Your Tests

As important as it is to take a test, it is even more important to go through your test to better understand the mindset you adapted while taking the test, the areas that troubled you, your strength during the tests, and the ones you missed out on attempting.

Analyzing your test is usually divided into 3 parts: The questions that you have correctly attempt, wrongly attempted questions & the questions you could not attempt.

While analyzing pull every string possible, why was I not able to answer this, why did this go wrong. Once you see the solution, understand rather than just seeing.

Keep doing this for every question and see if you find some short trick to solve the question or a different approach that could save you some time and allow you to walk through to the ones you could not attempt.

Analyzing and probing these questions will help you gain a better understanding of yourself. Sounds hectic? No problems, we have a solution, Oliveboard’s AI Analytics feature helps you give detailed analysis and answers to questions stated above. Experience Now!

Did You Know: An internal study shows that Oliveboard users increase their marks by +16 after attempting just 9 mock tests.

Here’s a look at how consistent Practice makes you climb the stairs of your dreams.


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1.4 Apply Faster Solving Tricks

Short tricks not only makes solving easy but also provides with additional time in exams where even 1 minute of time could be a game-changer. Learn Faster solving techniques and apply during the test to save you on the time from and thus allowing you to attempt more questions.

The below creative based on an internal study shows what amount of time could be saved if short tricks are used:

Now you must be thinking where you can learn the faster tricks from, well, we have an answer for you.

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1.5 Strategize Your Approach

Once you are through with your practice and concept building, the next important step is to strategize your attempts in the mock test to maximize your scores.

First attempt the questions you are absolutely sure of, followed by the ones that in a glance make you think I can solve it. Mark the ones you feel you should attempt and keep it for review later.

Follow the steps mentioned here and you will feel the gradual increase in your performance over time.

One major part of this section is understanding how previous year toppers took on the paper, what was the strategy that helped them crack the exam.

attempt SBI PO Mock Test

Well, again we have this for you in-store. When we talk about the IBPS PO exam preparations, an all-round preparation is what we all target. And how good it will be if we get to learn, practice, & strategize all in one place.

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This online course would help you master all the 3 pillars of the exam preparations.

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2.  IBPS PO Online Course 2020

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That will be all from us in this article on how to attempt mock tests for IBPS PO? We hope that steps shared here help you gain confidence and you gradually start on improving your scores. Register Now & Start preparing for IBPS PO. Remember, the earlier you start the better prepared you are.

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