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IBPS PO Interview Marks

IBPS PO Interview Marks: Applicants who have qualified for the Mains exam will be interviewed by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. IBPS interviews are the final stage of the exam process. The interview is only conducted for the IBPS PO and IBPS SO exams. Many candidates have this doubt in their mind if they can fail at the interview stage or not. Here, we will look at some dos and don’ts regarding the IBPS interview marks distribution to answer this question.

IBPS PO Interview Marks 2024

The candidates who have cleared the main examination will appear for the interview.  The total marks allocated for the IBPS PO interview process are 100. The minimum mark to qualify will be 40%. For candidates belonging to SC, ST, OBC, and PwD it will be further reduced to 25%. IBPS will make the final selection based on the cumulative score of the main examination and the interview. A merit list will be released after the interview process is over. The Bank will offer the successful candidates the joining letter.

Marking Scheme

Here is the IBPS PO Interview marks distribution for the IBPS PO Exam 2024:

MarksFactors Considered
5-10Body Language and Etiquette
10-20Basic Hygiene and Dressing Sense
10Basic Knowledge of Subjects of General Interest
10Knowledge about Graduation Subjects
10Knowledge of Current Affairs
10Knowledge About The Banking Industry
10Honesty in answers
10Responses to certain Situations

The Purpose of the Interview

A candidate is considered eligible for an interview once he secures the minimum cut-off marks in the final examination. The purpose of the interview is to select one suitable individual for the concerned profession. The candidate may have higher qualifications; however, he may not have the requisite potential and courage to accept the responsibilities related to the profession for which he is aspiring.

Banking is a service-oriented organization and it demands cadres who are interested in putting their best efforts into their profession; mingling with the customers freely and friendly apart from maintaining cordial, social, and friendly relationships with their peers and superiors.  

Important Tips for IBPS Interview

Screening is primarily about eliminating, not selecting. Thousands of candidates would have been disqualified in the written examination if 600 were in the interview. Our IBPS PO interview tips are intended to help candidates at every step of the bank exam. Before discussing how to ace a bank PO interview, let’s check out some salient features:

  • There are 4-5 members on the interview panel, including eminent bankers and a psychologist.
  • Generally, an interview session lasts for 15-20 minutes, and the candidate must answer at least 15 questions during this time. The duration of the Interview session is not set, but most typically last for 15-20 minutes.
  • Based on your profile, such as your education, employment history, hobbies, notable accomplishments, and temperament, you will be asked a series of questions.
  • Topics such as banking awareness, culture, and current events may be discussed in some panels.

Here are the key areas that the IBPS PO interview panel generally focuses on:

  1. Knowledge about Banking awareness and Current Affairs.
  2. Situational awareness and ability to perform under pressure.
  3. Educational qualifications and background.
  4. Confidence and communication skills.
  5. Leadership ability and behavioral traits.
  6. Temperament and mindset, cultural fit to the banking industry.
  7. Social adaptability

Stages of the IBPS PO Interview

A systematic approach is adopted while conducting the interview.

  1. During the first stage, candidates are expected to appear before the reception committee. The candidate has to produce the interview call letter along with the proof of his identity and mark his presence in the attendance register.
  2. The candidate has to wait in the reception hall till such time he is invited to appear before the committee members.
  3. Once called, the candidate has to enter into the boardroom duly seeking the permission of the board members.
  4. Entering into the board room on getting permission and occupying the seat once offered by any of the board members
  5. Thanking the board members and occupying the seat
  6. Sitting comfortably on the seat in a relaxed manner with a broad smile on the face and getting ready to answer the questions posed by the board members.
  7. Once the interview is declared completed, the candidate should thank the entire board members and should leave the board room calmly and quietly
  8. Care should be taken while pushing and pulling the doors as well as in handling the chairs and unnecessary noise at any cost should be avoided.
  9. It has to be borne in mind that every body language of the candidate is keenly watched by the board members and they can easily judge the attitude of any candidate.
  10. The candidate should be open-minded throughout the interview and should not get provoked in the case of questions that weigh his patience and tolerance.

Responsibilities of the Candidate – Dress Code

Candidates have to keep in mind the following proverb = “The first impression is the best impression”. A person is judged by the dress he is wearing, his attitude, his emotional outlook, and his level of confidence. On account of vast experience, the board members can judge any candidate on his first appearance.

For men:

Please wear neat full-length trousers and one full-length shirt. Preferably the shirt should be white or light-colored. The candidate should wear neatly polished shoes. A necktie can improve the personality of the individual considerably.

For girls:

Girls can wear a neat churidar or saree as comfortable. They can choose either plain or minimal print clothing. Loud prints and colors should be avoided.

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IBPS PO Interview Marks – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many marks are carried by the IBPS PO Interview?

Ans. IBPS PO Interview carries the weightage of 100 marks.

Q.2 What are the IBPS PO Interview Marks 2024?

Ans. Candidates can check the detailed IBPS PO Interview Marks mentioned in this blog.


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