Increase Reading Comprehension Scores : Important Signal Words

According to most banking & MBA aspirants, reading comprehension is one of the most difficult question types asked in exams such as: IBPS PO, CAT, NMAT etc. What makes RC questions all the more important is the fact that apart from being difficult it is the most important question ( number of questions asked ) type.

In our previous article on reading comprehension question type, we gave you some tips on how to read difficult passages more effectively. We also talked about how to choose the correct answer.

In this post we will be listing down some common words that appear in reading comprehension passages and what those words indicate. This will help you interpret the passage in a better manner and will also help you answer questions related to “inference”, “author’s opinion” etc. Increase Scores In Reading Comprehension Banking MBA Exams


So read along!

Word(s) In The Passage What It May Indicate
As for, Regarding, In reference to Author is trying to focus your attention on what follows
Furthermore, Moreover, In addition, As well as, Also, Likewise, Too The sentences following these words will add more to the previous point
On one hand / On the other hand, While, Rather, Instead, In contrast, Alternatively These words introduce a contradiction or a point that opposes the previous sentence or idea
Granted, It is true that, Certainly, Admittedly, Despite, Although These words also introduce a contradiction but are different from the above in the sense that they express or show the author’s reluctance to agree with this contradictory point
But, However, Even so, All the same, Still, That said, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Yet, Otherwise By using these words the author tries to assert his/ her position by introducing a contradictory idea
In any event, In any case These phrases are usually used when the author is being dismissive about the previous point
Likewise, In the same way As is obvious, these words are used to point out similarity of the new idea being introduced to the one mentioned before it
First, Second, etc.; To begin with, Next, Finally, Again These words are used to establish a sequence or to structure a discussion
In conclusion, In brief, Overall, Except for, Besides These words are used for summing up a discussion (this may be with or without pointing out an exception)
Therefore, Thus, As a result, So, Accordingly, Hence These words are used to indicate a logical RESULT being drawn from the prior sentences / discussion
Because, Since, As, Resulting from These words are used to indicate a logical CAUSE of the prior sentences / discussion
Apparently, At least, Can, Could, May, Might, Should, Possibly, Likely These words indicate that the author is trying to soften his/ her position regarding a particular viewpoint
After all, Must, Have to, Always, Never These words are used by the author to strengthen his/ her position in the discussion / argument
Actually, In fact, Indeed These words are used to introduce a surprising fact or a point
Fortunately, Unfortunately, other adverbs, So-called These words reveal information regarding an author’s attitude towards something being discussed in the passage


Now that you know how to decode an RC passage given to you, you must take tests or read passages to consciously identify the purpose of such signal words in a passage. Increase Scores In Reading Comprehension Banking MBA Exams


This will help you a lot in your efforts to boost your scores in reading comprehensions.

Let us know how this article helped you in the comments section below. 


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