India’s First UPI-ATM, Transforming Cash Withdrawals

India’s inaugural UPI-ATM, a White Label ATM (WLA) developed in partnership between Hitachi Payment Services and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), is revolutionizing the landscape of cash withdrawals. This innovative endeavor aims to eliminate the need for physical ATM cards, offering a more seamless and secure cash withdrawal experience.

The Dawn of UPI-ATM: A Smoother Cash Withdrawal Process

The UPI-ATM, also known as Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW), introduces a simplified method for customers of select banks who use the UPI platform for cash withdrawals at compatible ATMs. Let’s delve into the mechanics of this cutting-edge system:

1. Choosing the Withdrawal Amount: Customers initiate the process by selecting their desired withdrawal amount when opting for ‘UPI cash withdrawal’ at the ATM.

2. QR Code Generation: The ATM screen presents a secure and dynamic QR code linked to the chosen withdrawal amount.

3. QR Code Scanning: Users effortlessly scan this QR code using any UPI app installed on their Android or iOS smartphones.

4. Transaction Authorization: To complete the transaction, users input their UPI PIN on their mobile device, granting approval for the cash withdrawal.

Key Features of UPI-ATM: Revolutionizing Transactions

  • System Compatibility: UPI-ATM seamlessly integrates with various banking systems, ensuring widespread accessibility.
  • Cardless Convenience: This innovative system dispenses with the necessity for physical ATM cards, enhancing user convenience.
  • Transaction Limits: UPI-ATM adheres to transaction limits of up to ₹10,000 per transaction, aligning with existing UPI daily limits and issuer bank’s UPI-ATM transaction limits.
  • Multi-Account Accessibility: UPI-ATM empowers users to withdraw cash from multiple accounts through a single UPI app, adding flexibility to transactions.

How ATM-UPI Sets Itself Apart from Traditional Cardless Cash Withdrawals

In contrast to conventional card-less cash withdrawals that rely on mobile numbers and OTPs for verification, ATM-UPI pioneers QR-based UPI cash withdrawals. This pioneering approach is accessible to UPI users with the UPI app installed on their Android or iOS smartphones, delivering a secure and efficient alternative for cash withdrawals.

With the introduction of India’s first UPI-ATM, the nation takes a significant step toward a future where cash transactions are not only more convenient but also increasingly cashless, one QR code scan at a time.


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