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RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy – The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released the newspaper ad for recruiting Assistants in RBI in various branches across India. RBI will release the notification soon. Candidates aspiring to join RBI are already neck-deep into the preparations to crack the exam and land their dream job with RBI. Here in this blog,  we have brought for you RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy to help you with your daily studies. Without any further delay, let us start with the blog and see the section-wise preparation plan for the prelims of the Assistant exam.

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RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy 2023

Candidates applying for RBI Assistant 2023 must be aware of exam pattern, syllabus etc. If there is any changes in exam patter or syllabus the candidates must understand that and make an preparation strategy according to it. Here are some subject-wise tips that will help you in preparation.

RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy – English

English Syllabus is divided into 4 parts – Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Verbal Ability. Let’s have a look at each of these topics in detail.

Reading Comprehension: This is the most time-consuming topic of all, and you must have high accuracy to score well on it. It is possible to ask for a maximum of 10 points. Banking & Economy, Finance, Business, Monetary Policies such as demonetization, Financial Policies, Socio-Financial Issues such as Poverty & Education, Types of Banks in the Economy, Globalization, and so on.

Grammar: Error Spotting and Phrase Replacement are common questions on this subject. They also carry a combined maximum of 10 points. In this topic, questions about Articles, Tenses, Prepositions, Parallelism, Subject-Verb Agreement, Degrees of Comparison, Sentence Correction, Adverbs, Phrasal Verbs, Pronouns, Non-Finite Verbs, and Common Errors, among other things, can be asked.

Vocabulary: This topic will have a maximum of 10 questions based on Phrase Replacement, Fill in the Blanks, and Fillers. These questions are usually answered quickly and are based on contextual usage. Based on Para Jumbles, you can expect 5 questions on this topic. They are simpler to solve and take less time.

Cloze test: Depending on the questions asked in RC, you can expect 5-10 questions on the Cloze Test. If the RC is worth 10 points, the Cloze Test will be worth 5-10 points, and if the RC is worth 7 points, the Cloze Test will be worth 8 points. Before answering the question, you must carefully examine the prepositions given in the options before/after the blank, as they all have similar meanings.

RBI Assistant Preparation StrategyReasoning Ability

Arrangements and Patterns: This topic will have 5 questions based on Random Sequence of Alphabets, Number Arrangements, and so on. These are less time-consuming and moderately difficult questions. Try to do them first so you have enough time for the difficult ones later.

Mathematical Inequalities: The questions in Inequality are statement-based, and they are simple to solve if all of the steps are followed correctly. On this subject, you can expect 5 questions.

Syllogisms: The Syllogism topic will include 5 questions based on Statements and Conclusions. They will also take less time if you have practised well during your preparations. These questions are quick to answer once the logic is clear.

Coding & Decoding: Coding-Decoding based on analogy, fictitious language, or coding by letters of a word will yield 0-5 questions. They are moderately challenging to solve. If you want to solve them quickly and accurately, you must practise a lot.

Seating Arrangements: Linear or circular seating arrangements will yield 5 Qs. Both of these topics may be covered in the exam at some point. Questions can be single-row, double-row, unidirectional, or bidirectional in nature.

Puzzles: This topic of Puzzles-based scheduling or building-based problems will generate 0-5 questions.

Miscellaneous: You can expect 5-10 questions from the previous topics, depending on how many questions are asked. Direction & Distances, Blood Relations, Order & Ranking, Classification, Double Line Up, and Data Sufficiency are the topics covered in the questions.

RBI Assistant Preparation StrategyNumerical Ability

Simplification/Approximation: This topic will contain 10 questions based on the BODMAS Rule, Approximation, Decimals, Fractions, Surds & Indices, Percentages, and so on. These questions are simple to answer and take less time. So, with some practise, you should be able to do well on this topic.

Data Interpretation: Data Interpretation is a key topic in Numerical Ability that is moderately time-consuming and difficult. Expect 5-10 questions based on line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, tables, tabular graphs, and so on.

Number Series: You can expect 5 questions based on completing the Number Series, identifying problems related to Missing Term, Wrong Term, and so on. You can get good grades in this topic if you practise.

Quadratic Equations: Quadratic Equations will return 0-5 Qs. You must solve the given polynomial equation and determine the value of the unknown variables in this type of question.

Miscellaneous: According to the RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy for Quant, you can expect a total of 15 questions in this topic covering Averages, Interest, Mensuration, Percentages, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra, Profit & Loss, Time, Speed, and Distance, Probability, Permutations & Combinations, and so on.

RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy – General Awareness

This section is an important part of the RBI Mains exam and is not included in the Preliminary stage. Because this is a low-scoring section, candidates should allow at least a year to prepare GK and Current Affairs notes. Some RBI Assistant Preparation Tips for General Awareness Tests are as follows:

Current Affairs: The General Awareness section is simpler than the others. For at least a year or six months before the exam, read Daily Current Affairs.

International Summits/ Conferences, Governmental Schemes and Initiatives, Sports Tournaments, Books and Authors, International Organizations, Monetary and Fiscal Policies, Banking and Financial Terms will be the focus of major questions.

Expert Tip: Candidates should study newspapers, current affairs books, and periodicals relating to the banking and finance sector, as well as Trending News related to the RBI, to improve their General Awareness knowledge and score the highest out of 40.

RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy – Computer Knowledge

According to the RBI Assistant preparation strategy 2023, candidates should be aware that the additional Computer Knowledge section in the Mains exam does not require them to be computer application nerds. You can ace the 40-mark section with basic subject knowledge and the RBI Assistant preparation strategy outlined below.

Key Topics: This section includes questions about computer fundamentals, computer organization, computer generations, input and output devices, shortcuts, and basic knowledge. Memory Orientation, Internet, LAN, WAN, Modem, Computer Abbreviations, and Modern Technology are all topics covered in this course.

Take the safe route: Because the syllabus is not overly extensive, candidates can easily pass this section. Furthermore, any candidate with a basic understanding of high school computers can easily master this syllabus.

Questions of this type focus on clerical tasks and operations performed on computers.
Advantage: Because this section takes less time, it can help you answer more questions in Reasoning and Aptitude.

Best Books for RBI Assistant Preparation:

Subject NameBook NameAuthor/Publication
English LanguageObjective General EnglishSP Bakshi
English LanguageEnglish SimplifiedOliveboard
English LanguageWord Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
Quantitative AptitudeFast Track Objective ArithmeticRajesh Verma
Quantitative AptitudeData Interpretation DecodedOliveboard
Quantitative AptitudeAdvanced Maths for General CompetitionRakesh Yadav
Quantitative AptitudeQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsR.S. Agarwal
ReasoningA Modern Approach to Verbal ReasoningR.S. Agarwal
ReasoningPuzzle ManiaOliveboard
ReasoningAnalytical ReasoningR.S. Agarwal
ReasoningA New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-VerbalB.S. Sijwali
Computer AwarenessObjective Computer AwarenessR. Pillai
Computer AwarenessComputer KnowledgeShikha Agarwal
General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge (Latest Edition)
General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge ManualEdgar Thorpe Showick Thorpe
General KnowledgeLucent’s General KnowledgeDr. Binay Karna R.P. Suman Manvendra Mukul Renu Sinha Sanjeev Kumar
General KnowledgeGK BlastOliveboard

RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy – Online Course & Mock Tests

Mock Tests are undoubtedly the best way to prepare for any examination, be it from scratch or master any topic. It is very important to know where you stand before starting an approach to soothe yourself. Mock Tests not only analyze your performance but also provide you with a better self-analysis. We, at Oliveboard, are here to do just that. We are bringing a full-fledged online course RBI Assistant Selection Batch 2023 to help with the preparations for the RBI Assistant exam. This course would cover all the basics for every section from scratch which will help you stay in the race with those who have already attempted the test before.

Course Highlights:

  • 100+ Live Classes For Learning & Concept Building
  • 25+ Live Practice Sessions for Real-time Practice
  • All the Live classes will have to-the-point, crisp and relevant study content
  • Live Classes will cover the entire syllabus of Preliminary and Mains exams
  • Exclusive Classes for General Awareness in detail for Mains
  • Questions are divided into Easy, Moderate, and High Levels for each chapter
  • Live Classes for doubt clarification where you can clear all your queries related to any subjects
  • RBI – Assistant 20 Prelims Mock Tests
  • RBI – Assistant 10 Mains Mock Tests
  • High-Level DI [10 Tests], High-Level Reasoning [10 Tests], English Test [15 Tests]
  • GK Tests [120 Tests]
  • Sectional Tests [60 Tests]
  • Topic Tests [99 Test]

That was all from us in this blog RBI Assistant Preparation Strategy 2023 for prelims exams. Join our full-fledged course and realize your dream of becoming an Assistant in RBI. Keep checking this space for more information and exam-related content.

Frequently Asked Question:

How many rounds are there in RBI Assistant 2023 prelims round?

There are totally 3 sections in RBI Assistant 2023 prelims

Is there any additional subjects that needs to be prepared for RBI Assistant 2023 Mains?

In mains there are other subjects like Genera Knowledge and Computer Knowledge needs to be covered during preparation.

What are the important topics in Reasoning to prepare RBI Assistant 2023?

The important topics in reasoning are Coding-Decoding, Syllogisms, Arrangements and Patterns, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Blood Relations, etc.

Is RBI Assistant Exam question papers are bilingual?

Yes, the RBI question paper will be bilingual


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