Iraq Bans Term Homosexuality in Media: Impact and Context

Iraq’s Media Regulatory Body Implements Ban on Term ‘Homosexuality’

Iraq Bans Term Homosexuality, the media regulatory authority of Iraq has enacted a new policy that forbids the use of the term ‘homosexuality’ and mandates the usage of ‘sexual deviance’ instead. This directive encompasses all media outlets and social media platforms operating within Iraq, as specified by the Iraqi Communications and Media Commission (CMC).

Iraq Bans Term Homosexuality: Impact on Media and Internet Entities

All licensed CMC phone and internet companies are bound by this prohibition, prohibiting them from employing the terms ‘homosexuality’ or ‘gender’ in any of their mobile applications or communications.

Current Developments and LGBTQ+ Rights

Recent instances have shown Iraq’s vague moral provisions within its penal code being exploited to target LGBTQ+ individuals. Notably, opposition to LGBTQ+ rights has escalated, with Shiite Muslim factions burning rainbow flags in protests against perceived offenses in Sweden and Denmark.

Iraq Bans Term Homosexuality: LGBTQ+ Discrimination in Iraq and Global Landscape

Iraq is known for widespread discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, including military service bans for openly gay individuals and the absence of legal recognition for same-sex unions. These individuals often face the absence of legal safeguards against discrimination, putting them at risk of vigilante violence and honor killings.

Historical Background and Global Context

Although explicit criminalization of gay sex is absent, Iraq’s stance against the LGBTQ+ community dates back to its founding, during which homosexuality was officially prohibited. Globally, more than 60 countries still criminalize gay sex, while over 130 countries have decriminalized same-sex sexual activities, underscoring the varying legal frameworks and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.


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