JAIIB and CAIIB Books- Exams Syllabus, Books

JAIIB (Junior Associate of IIB&F) and CAIIB (Certified Associates of IIB&F) are professional-level exams that are the flagship courses offered by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance ( IIB&F), a premier institute for developing & nurturing competent professionals in the Banking & Finance field. Here in this blog, we’ll have a look at the jaiib mock test based on the latest pattern and the JAIIB Study Materials as well. So stick around.


Junior Associate of IIB&F course is designed to provide basic knowledge of banking & finance structure including legal aspects, basic accounting, information technology & customer relations to carry day to day operations of banking business. Such courses are offered to individuals who have cleared their senior secondary examination or equivalent and looking to make a career in the banking & finance field. 

Certified Associates of IIB&F course is designed for advanced knowledge in banking & finance. It covers topics like treasury management, operational management, analysis, etc. It is eligible for individuals who have cleared JAIIB or equivalents. Completing the CAIIB qualification enables a banker to have sound knowledge of the nuances & cutting-edge knowledge in the field.

These exams are conducted twice a year and cover the general structure of the banking business. We will discuss the relevant course material & books to refer to for the above courses.

On the official website of IIB&F, there are various recommended readings, courseware software, e-learnings, Video lectures & Mock tests available to facilitate the sound preparation for each subject matter relevant for the exams.

JAIIB Exams Syllabus

Following are the subjects analysed in the examination:

  1. Principles & Practices of Banking
  2. Accounting & Finance for Bankers
  3. Legal & regulatory aspects of banking

There are no exemptions for any of the subjects for prior qualifications


Oliveboard Mobile App
  • Video Lessons, Textual Lessons & Notes
  • Topic Tests covering all topics with detailed solutions
  • Sectional Tests for QA, DI, EL, LR
  • All India Mock Tests for performance analysis and all India percentile
  • General Knowledge (GK) Tests

Free videos, free mock tests, and free GK tests to evaluate course content before signing up!


ExaminationMediumName of BookPublished byPrice
JAIIBEnglishPrinciples & Practice of BankingM/s Macmillan India LimitedRs.660/-
JAIIBEnglishAccounting & Finance for BankersM/s Macmillan India LimitedRs.440/-
JAIIBEnglishLegal & Regulatory Aspects of BankingM/s Macmillan India LimitedRs.440/-
JAIIBHindiBanking ke Siddhanth Avam VyavaharM/s Taxmann Publications Private Ltd.Rs. 870/-
JAIIBHindiBankeron Ke liye Lekhankan Avam VittyaM/s Taxmann Publications Private Ltd.Rs. 600/-
JAIIBHindiBanking ke Vidhik PakshM/s Taxmann Publications Private Ltd.Rs. 700/-

The entire course set is available on Amazon at a reasonable price of Rs. 1,800/-. There is a complete preparation booklet also available on Amazon, which consists of 15 solved full–length Mock tests for papers 1, 2 & 3. Further, the institute has also published e-books for the JAIIB and are available on the e-platform ‘bookden’.

Other than the above publishers, there are also books available from publishers like NS Toor, Arundeep Toor,  N K Gupta & which provide varying levels of study material and at reasonable costs.

CAIIB Exams Syllabus

  • Compulsory Subjects:
  • Advanced Bank Management
  • Bank Financial Management
  • Elective Papers ( Any one of their choice)
  • Rural Banking
  • Retail banking
  • Human resource management
  • Information technology
  • Risk Management
  • Central Banking

There are no exemptions for any of the subjects for prior qualifications


ExaminationMediumName of BookPublished byPrice
CAIIBEnglishAdvanced Bank ManagementM/s Macmillan India LimitedRs.690/-
CAIIBEnglishBank Financial ManagementM/s Macmillan India LimitedRs.790/-
CAIIBHindiUnnat Bank PrabandanM/s Taxmann Publications Private Ltd.Rs. 575/-
CAIIBHindiBank Vittiya PrabandanM/s Taxmann Publications Private Ltd.Rs. 725/-

The entire course set is available on Amazon at a reasonable price of Rs. 1,250/-. Further, the institute has also published e-books for the CAIIB and are available on the e-platform ‘bookden’.

Books for elective subjects are also available on Amazon published by M/s Macmillan India Limited at reasonable prices.

Additional reading:

As the banking & finance field is dynamic & ever-changing, preparing & reading only from course material will not be complete preparation. Since there are rapid changes in rules & regulations, It is suggested to refer to the master circulars issued by RBI & also refer to official websites of RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, FEDAI, etc., besides going through books. Also, the Institute may ask questions related to current affairs in the banking & finance field, and thus, one should be upto date with that knowledge. The best way to update your knowledge of current affairs is by reading daily newspapers. Some suggested newspapers related to the subject will be The Economic Times, The Hindu, etc. 

Examination Schedule:

The JAIIB & CAIIB examination scheduled to be held in November/December 2021 is postponed. The revised dates of the above examination will be announced later and will be notified on the websites. All candidates are requested to make a note of the same.

Examination Pattern:

  1. There are 120/100 objective type questions in JAIIB/CAIIB of 100 marks each.
  2. The examination will be held in Online Mode only.
  3. There will NOT be negative marking for wrong answers.
  4. The duration of the examination will be 2 hours.

Further, details concerning passing criteria & examination dates & centre are available on the official site.


Which institute conducts the JAIIB & CAIIB examinations?

The JAIIB & CAIIB examinations are conducted as flagship courses under the guidance of the India Institute of Banking & Finances (IIB&F)

Does IIB&F issue the JAIIB & CAIIB books?

No, the JAIIB & CAIIB books recommended by IIB&F are published by M/s Macmillan India Limited in English & M/s Taxmann Publications Private Ltd. in Hindi.

Do other publications publish JAIIB & CAIIB books?

Yes, these books are published by various publications like NS Toor, Arundeep Toor, N K Gupta.

What is the range of examination levels in terms of easy to hard?

The JAIIB exams are basic level exams, thus moderate in terms of examinations, while the CAIIB exams are professionally advanced level exams, thus requiring a higher level of preparation.

How many elective subjects are examined in CAIIB exams?

Out of 6 choices of subjects given by the institute, the examinee has to choose only ONE subject of his choice.