Karnataka PSI Medical Test Details

The Karnataka Police Department issues the notice for KSP Recruitment for the position of Karnataka PSI every year. Candidates can find the details about the KSP SI Recruitment on our website regularly. The candidate must pass the Endurance Test/Physical Standard Test (ET/PST) and the Written Exam to be considered for the KSP PSI Karnataka post. The ET/PST requirements for male and female candidates will be different. There are two papers in the written test: Paper-I and Paper-II, earning 50 and 150 points, respectively. In Paper-I, a descriptive style of paper, the candidate must exhibit their English understanding and writing skills. Paper-II, which consists of objective-type questions on Mental Ability and Current Events, must next be completed by the candidate. After clearing the written and Physical Test, the candidate must clear the medical test. In this blog know about the medical test.

KPSI Selection Process

  • Written Exam
    • Written exam consisting of two papers [Descriptive and Objective type]
  • Physical Test
  • Medical Test

Medical Test

For PSI Karnataka, KSP recruitment the Medical test consists 5 examinations

  1. Vision
  2. Hearing
  3. Varicose Vein
  4. Impediment in Speech
  5. Chest Xray


Every person has one eye which has stronger vision than the other eye. The eye with better vision is referred to as the better eye and the eye with lesser vision is called the worst eye. In the KSP recruitment PSI exam, the candidates are subjected to a vision test. The vision standards for each eye are set according to the best and worst eye vision. 

The vision standards for KSP recruitment PSI exam are

Distant vision standards for PSI Karnataka 

  • Without Glasses
    • Better Eye- 6/9
    • Worst Eye- 6/9
  • With Glasses
    • Better Eye- 6/9
    • Worst Eye- 6/12

Near Vision standards for PSI Karnataka

In the near vision test for KSP recruitment PSI exam, candidates with near vision problems are not allowed. Therefore near vision standard without near vision glasses are

  • Better Eye- 0/6
  • Worst Eye- 0/8

In the KSP recruitment PSI exam, candidates must have eyes with full field vision and do not possess any color blindness, squint or any morbid conditions of the eye or lids.

Full Field Vision

Its a visual field test, this is a test which measures how far the eye sees in any direction without moving and how sensitive the vision is in different part of the visual field

Color Blindness

Many candidates usually suffer from color blindness conditions that they are totally unaware of. Color blindness is a condition in which the ability of the eyes to distinguish between certain colors is reduced. It is highly recommended that every candidate should do the color blindness test by themselves because if they are suffering from it, there is no future for them in KSP recruitment. 


When the eyes point in opposite directions, it’s known as a squint, or strabismus.

Morbid Condition- Generally, an illness or morbid condition of the eye can be defined as a departure from health, whether subjective or objective, as a result of either disease or injury

  • If the candidates are suffering from any above mentioned problems they will be disqualified.


Candidates for the selection of KSP recruitment of the post PSI should clear the 3 hearing tests they are:

  • Rinne’s Test 
  • Weber’s Test 
  • Tests for Vertigo

Rinne’s Test

Rinne test is used to determine the severity of hearing loss in one ear.

Weber’s test

Weber’s hearing loss screening test is a useful, quick, and easy method of determining hearing loss.


An inner ear disorder in which positional changes of the head can cause sudden vertigo – the sensation that everything is spinning around.

  • Candidates with any defect detected through this test will be disqualified.

Varicose Vein

The varicose vein is an enlarged, twisted vein. Varicose veins can occur in any vein that is close to the skin’s surface (superficial). The veins in the legs are most commonly affected by varicose veins.

  • And candidates suffering from this condition will be disqualified 

Impediment of Speech

An individual with a speech impediment has problems speaking fluently, correctly, or with a clear tone or resonance.

Chest X-Ray

Candidates will be subjected to chest x-ray to pass the medical examination. 

The Medical Board is responsible for conducting all tests above and making final decisions upon their results. A candidate will only be considered for appointment if he or she is physically fit according to the medical examination.

Before you are subjected to Medical Test for PSI, you need to qualify in both written and physical examination. Know about the KSP PSI Karnataka exam pattern, syllabus and eligibility.

KSP PSI Exam Pattern

The KSP Police Sub Inspector Exam will be of two types viz. Descriptive Type & Objective Type. The Descriptive type exam will have 50 marks while the objective type exam carries 150 marks. The time allotment for KSP PSI Exam is 1 Hr 30 Mins for each test.

KSP PSI exam Paper Pattern (Descriptive Test)

Paper 1Essay Writing (600 words)20Time
Precis Writing101 hour 30 minutes
Translation from English to Kannada and Vice Versa10+10

KSP PSI exam Paper Pattern (Objective Type Test)

Paper 2Mental Ability and Current Affairs1501 Hour 30 Minutes

Note: 1/4th marks will be deducted for the wrong answer

Educational Qualification

  • The candidates holding a Graduation Degree are eligible to apply.

PSI Karnataka Salary 

Karnataka PSI Salary is in the range of Rs. 37,900 to Rs. 70850/- per month

PSI Karnataka Physical Test

Candidates must meet minimum physical standards in terms of height, weight, and chest size to be considered for Karnataka Police jobs. Candidates should check their physical eligibility according to the Karnataka Police Physical Efficiency Test Norms before submitting an online application. The physical criteria for the long jump, race, shot put, and high jump, among other events, are mentioned below. During the Karnataka Police selection procedure, both male and female candidates must pass the ET, PST, and PET tests. To be eligible, a candidate must be physically and medically fit.

The selection of the candidates will be done on the basis of a written exam, endurance test and physical standard test.

For PSTCategoryHeightChestWeight 
 Male168 cm86 cm (5cm Expansion)
 Service Candidates168 cm86 cm (5cm Expansion)
 Female157 cmNot Applicable45 kgs  
For ET:Race/ RunningLong Jump (3 Chance)Shot Put (3 Chance)High Jump (3 Chance)
Male1600 meters in 7 minutes3.80 meters5.60 meters (7.26 kg)1.20 meters
Ex-Serviceman & Female400 meters in 2 minutes 10 Sec2.50 meters3.75 meters (4 kg)0.90 meters


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