Last-minute Tips for CMAT Preparation

Last-minute Tips for CMAT Preparation: The CMAT exam 2022 will be conducted on 9th April 2022. This blog will help you with a few last-minute tips to help you ace the CMAT 2022 exam.

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CMAT Preparation Tips

Time Management

CMAT has 100 questions to be solved in 180 minutes(3 hours). 20 questions of GK should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to answer.

This leaves you with 160 minutes for 80 questions, more than 2 minutes per question. Make sure you read each and every question carefully, analyse it and solve it.

Remember, CMAT is not a speed test. Don’t panic at any time if you are taking a long time to solve a single question.

Revise and Practice Important Topics of RCs (Short) & Logical Reasoning

Perhaps the single most important topic for the CMAT exam is RC (based on short passages) with 15 questions across 4-5 passages of 3 questions each.  Most questions are standard passage questions based on critical reasoning, tone, what the author agrees with or believes etc.

In the Logical Reasoning section, more than half the section is based on Analytical Reasoning topics of Arrangements – Linear & Circular, Selection & Matching etc.

Revise shortcut formulas for the Quantitative Ability Section

Go through various shortcuts that will help you solve problems faster. Aspirants can go through the 3 PDFs Oliveboard has specially created to help you with these.

Speed Math Shortcuts Volume 1
Speed Math Shortcuts Volume 2
Speed Math Shortcuts Volume 3

Take a couple of Mock Tests

Take a couple of Mock Tests to help you with your last-minute preparation. This will help you finalize your strategy as you take the CMAT test. Make sure you have figured out the order in which you want to attempt sections. Our advice has been to attempt your strongest section first as it gives confidence as you begin the exam, which you can carry forward through the 3-hour test.

Eat and Sleep well before the day of the exam

Make sure you have slept well the day before the exam, and have had a good meal before the exam. A relaxed mind will definitely help you in perform to your complete potential in the CMAT.

Good Luck with your CMAT!

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