LIC AAO 2019 Exam – Last 10 Days Revision Strategy for Prelims

With just around 10 days left for the LIC AAO 2019 Preliminary (Phase 1) exam, it is time to wrap up your practice phase of preparation for the exam and jump into the revision phase. Revision is as important as the preparation itself. It helps immensely in retention of the concepts, formulas, tips, rules etc which is very important with respect to the Exam. The ability to recollect the right concept/ trick/ formula in the Examination Hall will aid you in answering the questions and ultimately increasing your marks. The LIC AAO 2019 Preliminary Exam is scheduled to be held on 4th and 5th of May 2019. In this blog we will discussing LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Revision Strategy so that in these last 10 days you become exam-ready and chances of clearing the Phase 1 Exam is sure-shot.

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Take a look at the pattern of the Exam before we jump into the revision strategy.

Phase-I: Prelims Exam Pattern

Preliminary Examination consisting of objective test will be conducted online. The test will have three sections (with separate timings for each section) as follows:

Name of Test No. of Questions Maximum Marks Medium of Exam Minimum Qualifying Marks Duration
SC/ ST Others
Reasoning Ability 35 35 English & Hindi 16 18 20 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 English & Hindi 16 18 20 Minutes
English Language 30 30 English 9 10 20 Minutes
Total 100 70 1 Hour

Note: The Test of English in the Prelims Phase is qualifying in nature and will not be considered for calculating ranking in the prelims exam.

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General Revision Tips

  • Start with organising your workspace and your study material. Segregate the not-so-important material from the very-important stuff.
  • Make a realistic revision plan for each of the sections of the Exam i.e. English Language, Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability. Allow yourself to revise the important rules, formulas, tricks to solve a particular type of question etc in each of the section. Some topics might take longer than others. Give appropriate time to a topic as per its importance and relevance to the Exam. 
  • You can as well make notes if you feel so. Making abridged notes gives you confidence and also helps you scan through them at the last moment on the Exam day.

Take a Free Oliveboard LIC AAO Prelims 2019 Mock Test 

LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Revision Strategy – English Language

  1. We assume that you must be taking full length mock tests for the exam. The best strategy would be to revise the English section of the Mock tests
  2. Read the questions as well the solution part provided there in the mock test. Try to understand the approach towards a type of question as to how that type of questions has to be answered. This activity would definitely help you score better as you have understood the concept behind the question.
  3. As said ” Practice makes us better“. There can be no substitute for practice. Try taking daily English quizzes available for free on various Exam Preparation portals. 
  4. You can also take Sectional Tests to practice the entire English Language section. This would help you have a strong grip over the subject.
  5. If you find yourself weak in any particular topic, Topic tests are the best solution for that. Practice a few sets of Reading ComprehensionPara-jumblesNew Pattern Cloze TestSentence joiningFill in the Blanks using topic tests in the last few days.

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LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Revision Strategy – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. We hope that your basics of the Numerical Aptitude are clear by now because the solution for a numerical ability question cannot arrived at unless you are thorough with the fundamentals like formulas, short tricks, calculation speed, Tables etc.
  2. The key to excel in this section is extensive practice of a vast number of questions pertaining to different topics. Practicing will give you an edge over your competitors as it will enhance your calculation speed and and also help you in understanding as to how to solve a particular type of question,.
  3. In these last few days, take daily mixed question quizzes to enhance your speed. 
  4. While practicing quizzes, note down important formulas and tricks to solve the question etc as and when you feel that some formula is important. This will help you revise the formulas.
  5.  If you feel that you lack in any topic, you can always take topic tests to boost your confidence.
  6. To test the level of your preparation for the complete section, take a 3-4 sectional tests so that you can feel confident.

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LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Revision Strategy – Reasoning Ability

  1. Now there are no formulas that can be learnt by heart and applied to a particular type of question.
  2. The key to ace this section is the logical ability to comprehend the question and come to a conclusion.
  3. Practice daily quizzes for all the topics in the syllabus.
  4. Take Topic Tests and Sectional Tests.
  5. Practice a few complete Mock Tests for the Banking associate exam.

Full Length Mock Tests Analysis

  • In these remaining days, keep taking the full length LIC AAO Prelims Mock Tests daily. 
  • After you are done with taking the Mock Test, do give proper time to analysis part
  • Solve the questions that you weren’t able to solve while attempting. 
  • Try to understand the approach as to how the question is being solved in the solution part. 
  • Write down the formulas used in the questions and do revise them.

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This was all from us in this blog of LIC AAO 2019 Prelims Revision Strategy. We hope that you like the content provided in this blog and would be able to take benefit from the above given tips and strategy. Before you take the actual exam, do devise an attempt strategy for exam as to what kind of questions have to be attempted in the beginning and how much maximum time has to be allotted to a particular type of question. The same can be done while taking and analysing Mock Tests.

Take a Free Oliveboard LIC AAO Prelims 2019 Mock Test LIC AAO Mock Tests Banner

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