What is LIC Jeevan Dhara II ? Check Age Limit and Benefits

LIC Jeevan Dhara II

The LIC New Policy, Jeevan Dhaara II, is a savings and annuity plan for individuals. It guarantees annuity right from the beginning and provides 11 options for potential policyholders to choose from. This plan also offers higher annuity rates and life cover even at an older age for those buying the policy.

LIC Jeevan Dhara II Age Limit

Minimum Entry Age20 years
Maximum Entry Age80/70/65 years minus deferment period (depending on chosen annuity option)
Deferment PeriodDepends on the chosen annuity option
Guaranteed Annuity StartRight from the start
Number of Annuity Options Available11
Provision for Higher Annuity Rates at Older AgesAvailable

The minimum entry age for the Jeevan Dhaara II policy is 20 years. The maximum entry age can be 80/70/65 years minus the deferment period, depending on the chosen annuity option. Annuity is guaranteed right from the start in this plan. There are 11 annuity options available for potential policyholders. Additionally, there is a provision for higher annuity rates at older ages.

Important Points of LIC Jeevan Dhara II

This policy gives you life insurance coverage throughout its duration. You can choose to increase your annuity (extra income) by paying an additional premium during the period when the policy is waiting to start or when it’s active.

In case something happens to you, you can get the money either all at once, as regular extra income, or in smaller parts over time.

This plan also lets you access a Liquidity Plan, providing more flexibility. You can also get a loan during or after the waiting period, and there’s an option to get back the money you paid as a premium.

For regular premium payments, the deferment period can be anywhere between 5 to 15 years. This means you can choose to wait for a period of 5 to 15 years before the policy becomes active and you start paying the regular premiums.

On the other hand, for a single premium payment, the deferment period spans from 1 to 15 years. This means you have the flexibility to wait for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 15 years before the policy becomes active, and you make a one-time single premium payment.

These options cater to individuals who may prefer a longer or shorter waiting period before their policy kicks in, depending on their financial preferences or circumstances.

The policy also offers Single Life Annuity and Joint Life Annuity options, providing choices for individuals or couples looking for annuity plans.

Note: You can buy this policy by offline and online from 22nd January 2024


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