National Good Governance Day 2023, History and Challenges

National Good Governance Day 2023

Governance is like the decision-making and doing stuff that happens in different areas, like businesses, countries, and local places. We’re focusing on “Good Governance,” which means using power in a good way to help a country grow. This article looks at where this idea comes from, the rules it follows, the problems faced in India, and what’s being done to make things better.

What is Good Governance?

Governance is about making decisions and doing them. Good Governance is when power is used well for a country’s growth. This idea is really old, going back to times when people like Chanakya talked about it. Good governance is all about putting citizens first.

8 Principles of Good Governance


  • People, like men, women, and others, should be able to share their thoughts through groups or representatives.
  • Everyone should be free to talk and share ideas.

Rule of Law:

  • Rules, especially those about people’s rights, should be followed by everyone.
  • If there are no rules, it’s like saying the strong can do whatever they want.

Consensus Oriented:

  • Decisions should try to make everyone happy, even if not completely.
  • It’s about finding common ground when people have different ideas.

Equity and Inclusiveness:

  • Good governance means making sure everyone gets a fair chance.
  • People should have opportunities to make their lives better.

Effectiveness and Efficiency:

  • Things and groups should do what’s needed for the community.
  • Resources should be used well to get the most done.


  • Everyone, like the government and companies, should answer to the people.
  • People should know what’s happening.


  • Information should be easy for everyone to see and understand.
  • This also means having free media and access to information.


  • Things and groups should help everyone in a reasonable time.
  • They should listen and act when needed.

Challenges to Good Governance in India

Women Empowerment:

  • Not enough women are part of the government and other important places.


  • Too many people doing bad things makes it hard to make things better.

Delay in Justice:

  • People should get help quickly, but sometimes it takes too long.

Centralization of Administrative System:

  • Lower-level governments need more power to work well.

Criminalization of Politics:

  • Some politicians, workers, and businesses working together in bad ways affect what’s good for the public.

Other Challenges:

  • Things like taking care of the environment, growing in a good way, and dealing with changes in the world can be hard.

History of Good Governance Day 2023

Good Governance Index (GGI):

  • Checks how well things are going by looking at what the government is doing.

National e-Governance Plan:

  • Wants to make government services easy to use for everyone.

Right to Information Act, 2005:

  • Helps everyone know what’s happening in the government.

Other Initiatives:

  • Things like NITI Aayog, Make in India, and Lokpal are working to make things better.

Remembering Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a big part of Indian politics. He started when India was trying to be free from British rule. Vajpayee worked as a journalist and later joined politics. He became the Prime Minister twice. People liked him so much that he got important awards like the Bharat Ratna.

25th December 2023 Special Day

On this 25th of December, we recognize a significant occasion – Good Governance Day. This day underscores the essence of decision-making and effective actions in various domains, encompassing businesses, nations, and local communities. Good Governance involves wielding power responsibly to foster the growth of a nation. Exploring the origins of this concept, the principles it adheres to, the challenges encountered in India, and the ongoing efforts to enhance the system, this article sheds light on the importance of promoting sound governance practices.


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