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NFL Syllabus 2023

The National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) has announced the syllabus for its 2023 recruitment drive, which aims to fill 74 Management Trainee positions in various disciplines like marketing, law, and finance. To succeed in the exam, candidates need a solid preparation strategy starting with a clear understanding of the NFL Syllabus 2023. This syllabus outlines the exam pattern and the specific topics candidates need to focus on. To enhance your preparation, it’s important to stick to the official NFL Syllabus 2023. This article provides the National Fertilizers Limited Syllabus 2023, including the topics for each section. Additionally, we’ve included the detailed exam pattern for the Management Trainees position in the NFL Exam 2023.

NFL Syllabus 2023: Overview

The National Fertilizers Limited is hiring for 74 Management Trainee positions. The selection process includes an offline examination and a personal interview. Take a look at the table below to find all the information about the NFL Syllabus 2023. We’ve presented the details in a highlighted format for you to quickly and easily access the information.

OrganizationNational Fertilizers Limited
PostManagement Trainee
Selection ProcessOffline Examination, Personal Interview

NFL Syllabus 2023 and MT Exam Pattern PDF Download Link

Candidates gearing up for the NFL Management Trainee Exam 2023, the NFL Syllabus and MT Exam Pattern PDF are crucial resources. To access these materials, a download link is available, making it convenient for candidates to obtain the necessary information. The NFL Syllabus 2023 outlines the subjects and topics that will be covered in the exam, providing candidates with a clear understanding of what to focus on during their preparation. Simultaneously, the MT Exam Pattern details the structure of the examination, including the types of questions and marking schemes. By utilizing the PDF download link, candidates can easily access these valuable resources, aiding them in their preparation for a successful performance in the NFL Management Trainee Exam 2023.

Link To Download NFL Syllabus 2023 and MT Exam Pattern PDF

NFL MT Syllabus 2023 : Topic Wise

To get ready for the NFL Exam 2023, it’s important to fully understand the NFL Syllabus 2023. Having a good grasp of the NFL MT Syllabus 2023 will help you know what sections to focus on. This article provides a detailed breakdown of the topics in each section, offering a thorough understanding. Additionally, the official NFL MT Syllabus 2023 will give you a clear idea of the subjects you need to study.

NFL Syllabus 2023: General Awareness

Details of the topics candidate need to cover for the NFL Exam 2023:

  1. Important Days: Learn about significant dates and observances.
  2. Indian History: Understand key events and periods in Indian history.
  3. Books and Authors: Familiarize yourself with notable literary works and their writers.
  4. Awards and Honors: Know about prestigious awards and recognitions.
  5. Indian National Movement: Study the historical struggle for India’s independence.
  6. Sports: Stay updated on sports events and achievements.
  7. Current Affairs – National and International: Be aware of recent happenings globally and within India.
  8. Abbreviations: Understand commonly used abbreviations.
  9. General Policy: Grasp the fundamental policies and principles.
  10. Science and Technology: Learn about recent advancements in science and technology.
  11. Science – Inventions & Discoveries: Familiarize yourself with key inventions and discoveries.
  12. Capitals of India: Know the capitals of different states and union territories in India.
  13. Indian Economy: Understand the basics of the Indian economic system.
  14. Budget and Five Year Plans: Be aware of the national budget and economic plans.
  15. Countries and Capitals: Learn the capitals of various countries.
  16. International and National Organizations: Understand the roles and functions of major global and national organizations.

NFL Syllabus 2023: General English

The various topics related to English language skills that candidate need to cover for the NFL Exam 2023:

  1. Joining Sentences: Understand how to connect or combine sentences effectively.
  2. Substitution: Learn the skill of replacing words or phrases with suitable alternatives.
  3. Passage Completion: Practice completing passages by filling in the missing information.
  4. Idioms and Phrases: Familiarize yourself with common idiomatic expressions and phrases.
  5. Sentence Completion: Develop the ability to finish sentences in a meaningful way.
  6. Error Correction (Phrase in Bold): Identify and correct errors within sentences, focusing on specific phrases.
  7. Antonyms: Master the skill of recognizing and understanding words with opposite meanings.
  8. Active and Passive Voice: Differentiate between active and passive sentence constructions.
  9. Substitution (Repeated): Replace words or phrases with appropriate alternatives.
  10. Sentence Improvement: Enhance sentence structure and clarity for improvement.
  11. Synonyms: Acquire knowledge of words with similar meanings.
  12. Spelling Test: Practice correct spelling of words commonly used in the English language.
  13. Error Correction (Underlined Part): Identify and rectify errors within sentences, particularly in underlined sections.
  14. Transformation: Learn how to convert sentences from one form to another while maintaining the meaning.
  15. Prepositions: Understand the proper usage of prepositions in sentences.
  16. Sentence Arrangement: Arrange sentences in a logical and coherent order.
  17. Fill in the Blanks: Complete sentences by inserting the correct missing words.
  18. Spotting Errors: Identify and correct errors in sentences.
  19. Para Completion: Complete paragraphs by selecting the most appropriate concluding sentence.

NFL Syllabus 2023: Quantitative Aptitude

The mathematical topics candidates need to cover for the NFL Exam 2023:

  1. Mixtures and Allegations: Understand how to work with mixtures of different components and their proportions.
  2. Mensuration: Learn about the measurement of geometric shapes, including areas and volumes.
  3. Permutations and Combinations: Explore the different ways to arrange and select elements.
  4. Problems on L.C.M and H.C.F: Solve problems involving the Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Highest Common Factor (HCF) of numbers.
  5. Pipes and Cisterns: Deal with problems related to the filling or draining of pipes and cisterns.
  6. Odd Man Out: Identify the element that does not fit into a given series.
  7. Quadratic Equations: Solve equations of the second degree and understand their properties.
  8. Probability: Grasp the concept of probability and solve problems related to likelihood.
  9. Profit and Loss: Understand the principles of profit and loss in business transactions.
  10. Simplification and Approximation: Learn techniques to simplify mathematical expressions and make approximate calculations.
  11. Percentages: Work with percentages to solve various types of problems.
  12. Simple Equations: Solve equations with a single variable.
  13. Problems on Numbers: Tackle problems involving numerical concepts.
  14. Time and Work Partnership: Solve problems related to the collaboration of individuals in completing tasks.
  15. Ratio and Proportion: Understand the relationship between quantities and solve problems involving ratios.
  16. Boats and Streams: Deal with problems related to the speed of boats in flowing water.
  17. Simple Interest: Calculate interest on a principal amount for a specific period.
  18. Time and Distance: Solve problems related to the relationship between time, speed, and distance.
  19. Problems on Trains: Work on problems involving the speed and movement of trains.
  20. Areas: Calculate the area of different geometric shapes.
  21. Races and Games: Solve problems related to races and competitions.
  22. Numbers and Ages: Tackle problems involving ages and numerical relationships.
  23. Averages: Understand and calculate the average of a set of numbers.
  24. Indices and Surds: Learn about indices and surds and their applications.
  25. Compound Interest: Calculate interest on both the principal and accumulated interest over time.
  26. Volumes: Determine the volumes of different three-dimensional shapes.

NFL Syllabus 2023: Reasoning

The topics related to reasoning that you need to cover for the NFL Exam 2023:

  1. Analogy: Understand relationships between pairs of words and apply similar relationships to new pairs.
  2. Series Completion: Identify the pattern in a series and complete the sequence accordingly.
  3. Verification of Truth of the Statement: Assess the accuracy of given statements.
  4. Situation Reaction Test: Analyze situations and provide appropriate reactions.
  5. Direction Sense Test: Determine directions and positions based on given information.
  6. Classification: Categorize items based on common characteristics.
  7. Data Sufficiency: Evaluate whether given data is sufficient to answer a question.
  8. Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle: Solve puzzles involving a combination of letters and numbers.
  9. Dot Situation: Understand and interpret patterns formed by dots.
  10. Identical Figure Groupings: Recognize groups of identical figures.
  11. Forming Figures and Analysis: Create new figures based on given information and analyze existing ones.
  12. Construction of Squares and Triangles: Build geometric shapes based on given conditions.
  13. Series: Identify patterns and complete or extend numerical or alphabetical series.
  14. Analytical Reasoning: Use logical reasoning to analyze and solve complex problems.
  15. Paper Folding: Visualize and understand the results of paper folding.
  16. Paper Cutting: Visualize and understand the results of paper cutting.
  17. Cubes and Dice: Understand the formation of cubes and dice and solve related problems.
  18. Water Images: Identify the reflection of objects in water.
  19. Mirror Images: Identify the reflection of objects in a mirror.
  20. Figure Matrix: Understand and solve problems involving matrices of figures.
  21. Completion Incomplete Pattern: Identify the missing part in a given pattern.
  22. Spotting Embedded Figures: Recognize figures embedded within larger shapes.
  23. Rules Detection: Identify and apply rules or patterns to solve problems.
  24. Puzzle Test: Solve puzzles involving logical reasoning and pattern recognition.
  25. Blood Relations: Understand relationships based on family connections.
  26. Coding-Decoding: Decode and encode information using given codes.
  27. Assertion and Reasoning: Evaluate the truth of statements and the reasoning behind them.
  28. Arithmetical Reasoning: Apply arithmetic operations to solve reasoning problems.
  29. Venn Diagrams: Represent and interpret relationships between sets using Venn diagrams.
  30. Word Sequence: Arrange words in a logical sequence.
  31. Missing Characters: Identify missing characters in a given sequence.
  32. Sequential Output training: Arrange steps of a process in sequential order.
  33. Directions: Understand and follow directions based on given information.
  34. Test on Alphabets: Assess knowledge and understanding of the alphabet.

NFL Management Trainee Exam Pattern 2023

As previously mentioned, the NFL MT exam in 2023 will be a paper-and-pencil test conducted offline using OMR sheets. This format consists of two main parts: one focused on discipline-related questions and the other on aptitude-related questions. The entire test will last for 2 hours (120 minutes). In total, there will be 150 questions, each carrying one mark. Among these, 100 questions will be related to the curriculum of the qualifying degree or minimum educational qualification, while the remaining 50 questions will cover General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Knowledge/Awareness.

It’s important to note:

  • No marks will be deducted for incorrect answers.
  • The exam will be bilingual, allowing candidates to choose between Hindi and English.
  • The difficulty level of the questions in the domain subject will align with the minimum educational qualification required for each post.

The detailed NFL MT exam pattern for 2023 is outlined below for your reference.

Sr. No.SubjectMarksQuestionsDuration
1The curriculum of Qualifying Degree1001002 hours
2General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning & General Knowledge/Awareness5050
Total1501502 hours

NFL Syllabus FAQs

What are the key sections covered in the NFL Syllabus 2023?

The NFL Syllabus typically includes sections like Discipline-related subjects (based on the qualifying degree), General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Knowledge/Awareness.

How can I prepare for the NFL Exam based on the syllabus?

To prepare for the NFL Exam, candidates should start by thoroughly understanding the syllabus. Create a study plan focusing on each section, practice previous year question papers, and consider using relevant study materials and resources.

Is there negative marking in the NFL Exam?

No, as per the provided information, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the NFL Exam.

What is the duration of the NFL Exam 2023?

The NFL Exam 2023 has a duration of 2 hours (120 minutes).

Can I choose the language of the NFL Exam?

Yes, the NFL Exam is conducted in both Hindi and English. Candidates can choose their preferred language for answering the questions.


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