NTPC and Oil India Join Forces for Renewable Energy

Pioneering Collaboration: NTPC and Oil India Unite for Renewable Energy

In a momentous partnership, NTPC Limited, India’s largest integrated power utility corporation, and Oil India Limited, the nation’s second-largest oil and gas company, have merged their strengths to advance the cause of renewable energy. This alliance, solidified through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on August 31, 2023, represents a significant stride towards sustainable energy solutions and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Exploring the Green Frontier: NTPC and Oil India

The MoU inked between Oil India and NTPC opens doors for exploration and collaboration in various facets of renewable energy, including green hydrogen and its derivatives. Moreover, these two Maharatna giants are set to engage in decarbonization initiatives, which encompass harnessing geothermal energy. This strategic partnership will also foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise in emerging decarbonization technologies, such as carbon sequestration.

Shared Vision for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Through this MoU, NTPC and Oil India are aligned in their mission to expand their footprint within the renewable energy sector. Their collective efforts will contribute significantly to India’s ambitious target of achieving Net Zero emissions by the year 2070. The signing of this momentous MoU transpired in New Delhi and saw the esteemed presence of pivotal leaders, including NTPC’s CMD, Shri Gurdeep Singh, and Oil India’s CMD, Dr. Ranjit Rath, alongside their respective functional directors.

NTPC’s Resolute Commitment to Renewable Energy

NTPC, boasting a comprehensive installed capacity of 73,024 MW across the power sector value chain, has set an ambitious goal of attaining 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by the year 2032. The company remains resolute in its pursuit of becoming a major player in Green Hydrogen Technology and Energy Storage sectors. NTPC actively champions a range of decarbonization initiatives, encompassing hydrogen blending, carbon capture, fuel cells, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions, such as hydrogen-powered buses. The partnership between NTPC and OIL underscores their unwavering dedication to ushering in a sustainable and environmentally conscious era for India’s energy landscape.


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