Odisha Foundation Day 2024, History, Significance & Facts

Odisha Foundation Day 2024

Odisha Foundation Day 2024: Odisha Day, also known as Utkala Divas, is a special day celebrated every year on April 1st. It marks the time when Odisha became its own state, separate from Bihar and Bengal, a significant moment in its history.

History of Odisha Foundation Day

The Birth of Odisha:
In 1936, Odisha officially became its own state, breaking away from Bihar and Bengal. The Utkala Sammilani played a crucial role in this movement. From starting with just six districts, Odisha has grown to have 30 districts today.

Tracing Back in Time:
Odisha has deep historical roots, once being a major part of ancient Kalinga. The region faced the famous “Kalinga War” led by King Ashoka in 260 BC. After Mughal rule and British administration, Odisha finally became a separate province on April 1, 1936, and even changed its name from Orissa to Odisha.

Significance of Odisha Foundation Day

Fireworks and Culture Shows:
On Odisha Day, people light up the night sky with colorful fireworks. Across the state, there are cultural events with local songs celebrating the spirit of Odisha, organized by the Government.

Feasting and Exploring Culture:
During the celebrations, people come together to enjoy delicious local food and explore the rich culture of Odisha. You can learn more about it through articles, texts, and documentaries available online.

Interesting Facts About Odisha

1. Rich in Resources:
Odisha is rich in minerals like iron ore, bauxite, graphite, limestone, and manganese, playing a big role in India’s economy.

2. City of Temples:
Bhubaneswar, the capital, is called the City of Temples, having a history of 700 temples from ancient times.

3. Oldest Dance Form – Odissi:
The dance form Odissi originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha, making it the oldest surviving dance form in the country.

4. Biodiversity:
Simlipal National Park, the second-largest biosphere reserve in Odisha, showcases the state’s diverse wildlife.

More About The City

1. Capital Change:
Cuttack was the old capital, and now Bhubaneswar is the current capital.

2. Tribal Population:
Odisha is the third state in the country with a significant tribal population.

3. Forests Covering Land:
More than 31% of Odisha’s land is covered by forests.

4. Name Change and Language:
In 2010, Orissa was officially renamed Odisha, and the language Oriya became Odia.


Odisha Day, or Utkala Divas, is a time to celebrate the journey of Odisha’s independence and its vibrant culture. As we continue these lively traditions, it’s a chance to learn more about the different aspects that make Odisha unique and special.

1st April 2024 Special Day

Odisha Day on April 1st represents a symbolic timing for the people of Odisha to manifest optimism by commemorating a pivotal moment in their history – the establishment of Odisha state separate from Bihar and Bengal. As the distinct calendar date approaches, citizens across the state come together in celebration, united by shared traditions honoring Odisha’s distinct identity formalized in 1936. The early arrival of 2024’s special Odisha Day will be the perfect opportunity to set aspirational goals for the state’s development, recalibrate governance priorities to serve citizens better, and rekindle hope for a thriving future ahead. Much like citizens did in 1936 when embarking on a new chapter as a self-determined state, the festive occasion presents a chance to ignite momentum for positive change by having every stakeholder commit to building a model Odisha.


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