Pradhan launches 37 Kendriya & 26 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas in Odisha

37 Kendriya & 26 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas

In a significant stride towards enhancing the educational landscape of Odisha, Union Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, recently inaugurated 37 PM SHRI Kendriya Vidyalayas and 26 PM SHRI Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. This momentous event, attended by dignitaries, officials, academicians, and students, signifies a commitment to providing quality education aligned with the National Education Policy 2020.

PM SHRI Schools: Catalysts for Educational Evolution:

During his address, Shri Pradhan expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for spearheading the establishment of these schools. He reiterated their dedication to operating in harmony with the principles of the National Education Policy 2020, aiming to impart comprehensive and inclusive education. Shri Pradhan disclosed plans to convert approximately 800 government schools in Odisha into PM Shri Schools, with an anticipated investment exceeding Rs. 1600 crore.

A Call for Collaboration: 37 Kendriya & 26 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas

Shri Pradhan appealed to Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik to ink a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to implement the PM Shri Yojana in government schools across Odisha. This strategic initiative aims to metamorphose two schools in every block and urban area into PM Shri Schools, contributing significantly to the broader educational upliftment of the state.

Education Propelling India’s Development:

Underscoring the broader vision for India, Shri Pradhan asserted that the education sector must be the driving force propelling the nation forward. He underscored the importance of educating rural children in the 21st century, aligning their skills with the goal of a developed India by 2047.

Inauguration of Oriental Language Centre:

Earlier in the day, Shri Pradhan inaugurated key facilities at the Oriental Language Centre of the Indian Language Institute, Bhubaneswar. He stressed the significance of projects supporting the expansion of training facilities for Odia, Shantali, Bengali, and Maithili.

Preserving Cultural Identity:

Shri Pradhan highlighted the unique identity of the Odia language, acknowledging its various dialects and the rich linguistic diversity among the tribes of Odisha. He celebrated the distinct sweetness of the language in Sambalpur and Ganjam and the elegance found in Mayurbhanj and Dhenkanal.

Promoting Bharatiya Bhasha Diwas:

Shri Pradhan announced plans to commemorate Bharatiya Bhasha Diwas on December 11, the birth anniversary of freedom fighter and Tamil poet Mahakabi Chinnaswamy Subramania Bharati. On this occasion, lecture and essay competitions on the Odia language will be organized in schools and colleges, fostering an appreciation for the language among the younger generation.

National Education Policy 2020 Implementation:

Expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020, Shri Pradhan highlighted the policy’s emphasis on teaching not only language as a subject but also other subjects in the mother tongue. This approach, he believes, enhances children’s ability to research, reason, and analyze when exposed to texts in their native language.

Conclusion: 37 Kendriya & 26 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas

PM SHRI Schools stand as beacons of educational excellence, exemplifying the successful implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. As these institutions pave the way towards a brighter future for students, they aim to produce well-rounded individuals equipped with essential 21st-century skills. The collaborative efforts of central and state governments reflect a shared commitment to revolutionize education in Odisha and lay the foundation for a more empowered and educated society.


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