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Want to know how to prepare for AFCAT 2 2020? If yes, start your preparation now and crack the exam. AFCAT exam can be stress-inducing, but there is no need to panic as test day approaches. There are no fool-proof shortcuts when preparing for AFCAT exam, but there are a few tips that you can rely on to make most of your time. Preparation is the key to ace any exam. “The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle”.

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By following simple strategies you can be sure of performing well when the test day arrives.

How to prepare for AFCAT exam, the first and foremost thing the candidates should do is to go through the pattern and syllabus. This will give an idea regarding the overall structure of the exam as well as the topics they need to cover under each section.

AFCAT 2020 exam is conducted in two phases, AFCAT online test, EKT for engineering candidates (who opt for technical duty) and AFSB Interview. Candidates must secure the minimum qualifying marks to qualify each stage for selection.

Here are the few tips and exam strategies to prepare for AFCAT 2020.

How to prepare for AFCAT 2020 – Important Points:

  • Know AFCAT Syllabus and Exam pattern
  • Check the Previous year question papers
  • Brush up the Fundamentals
  • Build a section wise strategy considering the exam duration
  • Analyse the mock test and identify weak spots
  • Read newspaper daily to improve General awareness
  • Regular Practice of Quantitative aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • No guesswork to avoid negative marking

Candidates can check the pattern below for online exam:

AFCAT 2020 – Exam Pattern

The full details of the AFCAT 2020 online exam are given in the following table:

Name Of Exam AFCAT 2 2020 Engineering Knowledge Test
Time Duration 2 Hours 45 Mins
Number of Questions 100 50
Maximum Marks 300 150
Subjects Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Reasoning, General Awareness, and Military Aptitude Technical

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Revise from Previous years Question papers

Candidates should solve previous year question papers. It helps them to be familiar with a variety of questions in each topic. The one who practises more will be less surprised in actual AFCAT exam.

Build a section wise strategy

There is no sectional timing to attempt each section. In order to attempt maximum number of questions, candidates must have a clear strategy in mind. Always attempt your stronger sections first , it boosts the morale during exam.

Analyse mock tests

Candidates should take the full-length mock tests during preparation and analyse their performance in each mock test. They should identify the weak areas and work upon improving those areas. Only consistent efforts and patience will help one excel in the exam. You can start this right now with a FREE Mock Test

Be clear with concepts

Candidates must be clear with the concepts. The standard of AFCAT syllabus is of graduation level. Candidates should brush up their quantitative aptitude and verbal ability by revising the grammar rules and use flash cards to boost vocabulary. By watching video lessons from experts, candidates can learn how to prepare for AFCAT exam efficiently.

Learn shortcuts

Candidates should learn shortcuts to solve questions for quant section, learning shortcuts will help candidates to attempt maximum questions in less possible time. Short tricks can be your knight on white charger.

Regular Practice

Candidates can practice with more and more topic tests and whole length mocks, take one mock test every day. Practise preferably online to get used with the exam interface.

Guesswork should be limited

In AFCAT exam, there is negative marking for incorrect responses. Therefore, candidates are advised not to do guesswork.

Avoid spending too much time in any question

While attempting the exam, do not get jammed in any question. The main agenda should be attempting as many questions as possible accurately. Be careful, while attempting questions which are calculative.

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Section-wise AFCAT Preparation Tips

In the AFCAT 2 2020 online exam, number of questions from each section is not fixed but weightage of Reasoning is comparatively more than Numerical ability and English sections.

Reasoning and Military Aptitude

The Reasoning section offers good scope to maximize the score. Analogy, Odd one out, Coding Decoding, Syllogism, Critical Reasoning, Matrix number Series and series based on alphabets and numbers, spatial ability which include figure completion, Venn diagram, hidden figure, figure analogy, figure series, odd figure out and military reasoning types- dot figure, figure rotation, block rotation, block code matching are asked under this section.

Practising mock tests and solving previous year question papers helps candidate to be familiar with the spatial ability questions. You can start this right now with a free reasoning and military aptitude topic test

Numerical ability

Topics covered are Time and Work, Percentages, Averages, Profit and Loss, Time Speed Distance, Ratio and Fraction, Simplification, Interest, Algebra. The questions asked were similar to SSC CGL tier I level.

Learning short tricks to solve quant and by applying option elimination methods one can save time in this section. Practising topic wise across this section boosts confidence.


Questions are asked from cloze test, Error Spotting, Fill in the Blanks, Idioms and phrases, Reading Comprehension, Spelling Errors, Synonyms and Antonyms. Brush up your basic understanding of grammar rules and improve the vocabulary by reading daily. It is one of the easiest sections to crack.

General Awareness

For this section, candidates must read the newspaper daily. The important topics that candidates must focus on are Defence, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Polity, Art and Culture, Sports and Environment. Candidates must give importance to defence related terminology.

For detailed coverage of complete general awareness syllabus, candidates are advised to study AFCAT GK lessons which have wide scale NCERT coverage and after completing each chapter can attempt topic tests and check their performance.

How to prepare for AFCAT – Tips for EKT Exam

AFCAT EKT exam is for the candidates who opted for technical ground duty branch. It is conducted along with AFCAT 2 2020 online exam on same day. Candidates must clear EKT exam to enter technical branch.

The level of the AFCAT EKT exam is very fundamental unlike GATE Exam. This exam is to test the technical knowledge of the candidates in their respective disciplines.

To begin with AFCAT EKT preparation, first and the foremost thing the candidates should do is to go through the pattern and syllabus.

Fundamental engineering concepts common for all engineering disciplines-

1. Engineering Mathematics

  • Matrices
  • Calculus and differential equation
  • Complex analysis
  • Probability, Distributions and Statistics
  • Transforms
  • Vector calculus

2. Engineering Physics

  • Units and measurements
  • Laws of motion and Gravitation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrostatics
  • Waves and particle nature
  • Optics

3. Engineering Drawing

  • Projections
  • Sectional view
  • Computed aided drafting

Regarding how to prepare for AFCAT – Mechanical branch:

Mechanical Engineering Discipline candidates need to cover the important topics given below along with fundamental engineering concepts to ace the exam .

AFCAT EKT Syllabus for Mechanical engineering:

  1. Engineering Mechanics
  2. Thermo dynamics
  3. Theory of machines
  4. Fluid Machines/Hydraulic machines
  5. Manufacturing science
  6. Material Science
  7. Machine drawing
  8. Automotive engineering
  9. Power plant engineering
  10. Industrial engineering
  11. Flight mechanics
  12. Aircraft structure
  13. Aerodynamics

Attempt a Free Mock Test here based on the latest AFCAT EKT exam pattern for Mechanical branch.

Regarding how to prepare for AFCAT EKT– (CSE and ECE branches):

The topics for Computer science and Engineering and Electronics and Electrical Engineering candidates are common but the level of questions different. Generally, the difficulty level of computer science topic questions asked in exam for a computer science candidate is higher than the computer science question asked for an electronics candidate. The primary emphasis of the computer science candidates should be on own branch topics.

AFCAT EKT Syllabus for Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering:

Below are the topics that need to cover to ace the EKT exam:

1. Electronic Devices and Instrumentation

  • Semiconductors
  • Diodes and Transistors
  • Device technology
  • Instrumentation

2. Network theory

  • Theorems
  • Analysis of first order and second order
  • Two port networks
  • Network analysis and synthesis

3. Control system

  • Systems, stability and response analysis
  • Compensators and controllers
  • State variables

4. Analog and Digital electronics

  • Diodes, BJT, FET, Operational amplifiers – characteristics and applications
  • Oscillators and feedback amplifiers
  • Filters, Multi vibrators and timers
  • Number system
  • Combinational and sequential circuits
  • A/D and D/A Converters
  • Logic families
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers

5. Electrical Engineering

  • Transformers
  • DC Machines
  • Motors and generators

6. Analog and Digital Communication

  • Analog Modulation Techniques
  • Digital Modulation Techniques
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • Noise
  • Information theory
  • Fundamentals of Optical fibre and mobile communication

7. Antenna, Radar and microwave engineering

  • Antenna
  • Wave propagation and radar
  • Microwave

8. Information Technology

  • Operating systems
  • Data structures
  • Database management systems
  • Web Technology
  • OOPS (object oriented Programming)

9. Computer Networks

10. Switching Theory

Attempt a Free Mock Test here based on the latest AFCAT EKT exam pattern for ECE and CSE branches.

Important Tips related to how to prepare for AFCAT EKT

  • Know the EKT Syllabus and Pattern
  • Check the Previous year Question papers
  • Learning Resources collection
  • Short notes preparation
  • Study planner
  • Analyse the mock test and identify weak areas

Now let’s have a look at all the above mentioned points in a little more detail –

Revise from Previous year question papers

Candidates must focus on making short notes while revising previous year question papers, there are chances for repetition of previous year questions in actual exam.

Learning resources Collection

Candidates should spend time on analysing the study resources and the authenticity of the resources. The syllabus has vast coverage so make sure the fundamental concept of each topic mentioned under syllabus is covered during preparation.

Short notes making

Making Short notes during preparation will be a super time saviour during last minute revision.

Study planner

Jot it down how many topics to be covered and the days on which you have to sit them. Then make a plan about how to prepare for AFCAT EKT accordingly.

 Practise and revise concepts

Candidates should practise mocks and identify weak areas which need attention. If the availability of number of mocks online is minimal can give mocks for exams like SSC JE or RRB JE or any other engineering topics quiz which help to ingrain the concepts.

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Bonus Tips: Do not forget to give yourself enough time to relax in between your preparation, this will help your mind rejuvenate. Thus allowing you to prepare more efficiently.

That brings us to the end of this article. We hope that the tips provided on how to prepare for AFCAT help you prepare for the exam in an efficient way. Follow the tips diligently and ace the exam.

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