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Static GK is an important part of any General Studies section of any Tamil Nadu State exam.  Questions on Environment commonly contain the topic of Protected Areas in Tamil Nadu. To help you answer any question on this topic, we have come up with a blog on Protected Areas in Tamil Nadu.

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Protected Areas in Tamil Nadu for TNPSC | Sneak Peek

Tamil Nadu has 5 National parks, 14 Wildlife sanctuaries, 16 bird sanctuaries and one conservation reserve besides five Tiger Reserves and four elephant sanctuaries and three biospheres.

Biosphere Reserves in Tamil Nadu

Sr noBiosphere ReservesLocationYear of EstImportant SpeciesSpecial characteristics
01Gulf of Mannar Biosphere ReserveBetween the southeastern tip of India and the west coast of Sri Lanka, in the Coromandel Coast region2001Sea turtles, Sharks, Dugongs, DolphinsThis habitat is the feeding grounds for the largest endangered marine mammal Dugong   This area is also the last refuge of an invertebrate, the unique ‘living fossil’ Balanoglossus that links vertebrates and invertebrates
02Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Elephant ReserveNilgiri mountains of Western Ghats2000Asian Elephant, Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Gaur, Sambar, Indian Peacock, Nilgiri flycatcher, Grey jungefowl 
03Agasthyamalai Biosphere ReserveTirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts2016Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Nilgiri Tahr 

National Parks in Tamil Nadu

Sr noNational ParkLocationYear of EstImportant SpeciesSpecial characteristics
01Mudumalai National ParkNilgiri district1990Indian leopards, Bengal tigers, Jungle cat, Golden jackals, Striped hyens 
02Mukurthi National ParkNilgiri district1982Nilgiri tahr, Royal Bengal tiger, 
03Gulf of Mannar Marine National ParkAway from the east coast between Thoothukudi and Dhanushkodi1980Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, finless porpoise, spinner dolphin, Dugong, Green turtles 
04Guindy National ParkChennai1976Blackbuck, Spotted deers, Jackals 

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu

Sr noWildlife SanctuaryLocationYear of EstImportant SpeciesSpecial characteristics
01Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife SanctuaryVirudhunagar, Srivilliputtur, Madurai districts1988Grizzled giant squirrel, Bengal tiger, Niligiri Tahr, Lion-tailed macaques, Oriental white-backed vulture, Long-billed vulture, Nilgiri woodpigeon, broad-tailed grass warblerRecognised as Important Bird Area    
02Kanyakumari Wildlife SanctuaryKanyakumari district2002Indian bison, Elephant, Indian rock python, Niligiri tahr, Sambar deer 
03Vallanadu Wildlife SanctuaryVallanadu Village of Srivaikundam Taluk Blackbuck, Spotted deer, Jungle cat, Black naped hareIt is the southernmost place in India where a natural population of blackbuck exists
04Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird SanctuaryPalk Strait where it meets the Bay of Bengal at Point Calimere1967Blackbuck, Bottlenose dolphin, Olive Ridley turtle Spotted deer, Jackal, Short-nosed fruit bear, Small Indian civet, Feral ponyIt is recognized as a Ramsar Wetland
05Megamalai Wildlife SanctuaryTheni district 1980sNilgiri Tahr, Lion-tailed Macaque, Great Indian Hornbill, 
06Kodaikanal Wildlife SanctuaryDindigul district2008Black Panther, giant malabar squirrels, civet cats, Porcupines, Wild Boar, Bison, Wood snakeThe Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is a proposed protected area. The park will be an upgrade and expansion of the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary
07Gangaikondan Spotted Deer SanctuaryTirunelveli district2013Spotted deer, peafowls, mongoose, 
08Cauvery North Wildlife sanctuaryDharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts2014Gaurs, spotted deer, Blackbucks, Sambar deer, Barking deerVital link to the MM Hills, BR Hills, Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary and Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.
09Nellai Wildlife SanctuaryTirunelveli district Painted stokes, flamingoes 

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