Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Prerak Yojana

Government schemes in general and schemes related to agriculture, rural development, economic & social issues, in particular, are indispensable when it comes to various Rajasthan Government exams. We have compiled the important features of “Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Prerak Yojana”. You can download the free ebook pdf here using the links given below.

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Features of the Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Prerak Yojana ebook

  • Launch year: 2021
  • Nodal ministry: State’s planning department, 14 development trusts and 3 development authorities will be involved.
  • Aim: Create awareness among people about the public welfare schemes of the state government and to apprise the government about the problems faced by the people
  • Beneficiaries: 11,341-gram panchayats and 213 Urban bodies
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Key Features:
    • 2,500 ‘Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Mitras and 20,000 women and men Rajiv Gandhi Yuva volunteers to be appointed on a contractual basis at the village level to create awareness among people.
    • A campaign in the villages and cities from October 2. The works of 19 departments will be completed by organising camps. The camps will try and solve the problems of the people on the spot.

This is all we have in this ebook. We hope you like the information provided in the above ebook on We hope you like the information provided in the above ebook on Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Prerak Yojana.

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