RBI Assistant vs SBI PO: Which is Better?

RBI Assistant vs SBI PO. The hunt for recruits in the banking sector is increasing day by day, and so is the number of candidates applying for it. Every year thousands of candidates apply for the RBI Assistant and SBI PO examination, with hopes of getting through. However, it can be quite difficult to crack these exams, especially when the SBI PO vacancies are always very limited.

In order to have a better understanding of these two prestigious examinations, you will need to know the differences between RBI Assistant vs SBI PO. Read on to know more.

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RBI Assistant vs SBI PO


The SBI PO examination is held for recruiting Probationary Officers for all the branches of State Bank of India (SBI).

The RBI Assistant examination is held for recruiting clerical cadres at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Level of competition

Even though both the positions have limited number of seats, the probability of getting through is more when it comes to the RBI Assistant examination.

The SBI PO examination is comparatively more difficult than the RBI Assistant examination; hence, the selection is tougher.

Exam pattern

The RBI Assistant examination is a three-stage process, which consists of the preliminary exam (100 marks), main exam (200 marks) and the personal interview round. The exam duration will be one hour for the preliminary exam and 2 hours for the main exam.

The SBI PO examination is also a three-stage process consisting of the preliminary exam, main exam and a personal interview round. The preliminary exam round is similar to that of the RBI Assistant, but the main exam is different i.e. the questions are descriptive in nature. It consists of 50 marks and the onus is on English. Hence, in order to score high marks, you will need to have a strong hold on the English language.

Job profile

The RBI Assistant’s job responsibilities include file maintenance, MIS generation, management of data and drafting letters.

The job profile of an SBI PO is more challenging and extensive than an RBI Assistant. An SBI PO has to take care of the customers by focusing on customer service. Additionally, they will have to promote alternate delivery channels, verify vouchers, canvas new business leads, and inspection, credit monitoring, handling the loan department etc.


The Reserve Bank of India has branches in almost all the major cities in the country. RBI Assistants are generally posted in their hometowns, as they tend to be fluent in the local language and dialect. Additionally, the probability of transfer is also minimal.

Since SBI has branches all over the country, probationary officers can be posted anywhere. When it comes to SBI PO, getting posted in semi-urban and rural areas is compulsory for career growth and advancement.

Salary structure

The salary of an RBI Assistant is approximately INR 28,000. Apart from this monthly salary, they also get additional incentives, benefits, allowances, furniture, and medical costs.

The approximate salary of an SBI PO is a bit more than that of an RBI Assistant. The monthly salary of an SBI PO is around INR 40,000 and they get additional benefits and allowances.

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Both the positions of the RBI Assistant and the SBI PO are prestigious positions, and you would have a great career if you land one of these jobs. Make sure that your competitive exam preparation is great so that you are able to score high marks in these examinations.


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