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RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Diksha Shinde – Introduction

Diksha Shinde has cleared the RBI Grade B 2023 Exam. She is from Chhattisgarh and has done her engineering from Chhattisgarh. She had prepared for State Civil Services Exam and UPSC after engineering and thought of exploring the banking industry as well. For 1 year, she was working as a Probationary Officer (PO) in a public sector bank. Then, she realised that she must try regulatory body exams and here is she as RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Diksha Shinde.

Upcoming: RBI Grade B Notification 2024

RBI Grade B Notification Latest Update

The candidates can expect the notification to be out anytime as according to the tender released by RBI, it is scheduled to be out on 18th July 2024. According to the previous trends, a total of 300 vacancies are expected to be out.

RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Diksha Shinde – Q&A

Check out the Q&A session with RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Diksha Shinde below:

Q. How was your first reaction when the RBI Grade B Result was out and where were you?

Actually, I was working in the office and I wasn’t expecting the results to be out so soon. While I was working, I got a call from one of my friends and he said, that the results are out. I just checked the PDF and in the first instance, I could not find my roll number. Then I calmed myself, and checked it again and I found my roll number. The feeling was surreal, it was a dream coming true.

Q. What motivated you to pursue career in banking sector and since you are already working in a bank, what drove you towards RBI Grade B Exam?

I was always interested in Finance, Social Issues and Economics, etc so it was in my mind since I started my preparation. When I joined the Public Sector Bank, I thought why not try for the regulatory body. Aiming to work with RBI was natural progression for my career and itself the motivation. So, I just thought why not work with the Reserve Bank of India, the Central Bank itself.

Q. As your job is of 9 hours, so what was your average day as a working professional and aspirant, both at the same time. Can you please take us through your day?

I believe, consistency is the key. No matter how busy schedule you have, you need to make sure that you have a plan and that plan must be completed every day. So, you need to make sure that on weekdays, you need to spend 2-3 hours a day and on weekends (offs), I used to start my preparation from morning to night. This routine, I used to follow diligently which brings us down to the fact, ” Consistency is the key”.

Q. Many of students/working professionals complain that there is the scarcity of time. Do you think, is it so and if yes, how do you tackle it?

Definitely, when you are a working professional, you will have certain commitments that you will have to fulfill in time, so there is the scarcity of time but when you have a aim/goal in your mind, you definitely work towards this. Definitely, some extra efforts are required but you need to put it if you want to achieve your goal.

Q. When it comes to strategy/preparation, did you face any challenges while preparing or your preparation was smooth?

Ofcourse, I faced challenges. There were times when I didn’t want to study, there was time when I felt like the syllabus is vast, I don’t have much time. I felt like my competitors have ample time as they are freshers, so I used to take a day off and do things which I enjoy like chilling out with my friends. This used to lift me up & I just go on with a fresh start. So yes, there will be some lows but just believe in yourself and remember the motivation.

Q. How did you prepare for RBI Grade B Phase 1 Exam? How did you prepare for your weak subjects?

First of all, I found out my strength and weaknesses. In my case, my strengths were English, Critical Reasoning and Current Affairs, so I made sure that I don’t go wrong in any of these sections. So, one must always work on analyzing and this can be done with the help of mocks. For Phase 1, I used to follow PIB diligently, RBI website and a newspaper. For English, the Oliveboard’s mock test were helpful. For Reasoning as well, I relied on Oliveboard’s Mock Test. For Quants, I just made sure that I know basic maths and then I wrote down important topics that were asked frequently.

Q. What parellels you can draw between banking and regulatory exams? Is it a good opportunity for banking aspirants to appear in RBI Grade B?

Definitely yes. As we are working in banking sector, we know all parameters on which RBI is actually judging public sector banks. Also, syllabus of Phase 1 for both the exams is similar, so definitely it is a good opportunity.

Q. For how many months, Current Affairs must be prepared?

For Phase 1, 5-6 months if you have good time and 3 months if you lack time with special focus on last 1 month. Also, keep yourself updated with RBI website. For Phase 2, a little more months are required.

Q. What is your guidance for Phase 1 & Phase 2?

I guess, an integrated approach worked for me. I made sure that I cover a topic completely for both the phases. I also made digital notes for important topics.

Q. How important do you think mock tests are in any student’s preparation?

It is extremely important. For Phase 1, one must definitely give 10-15 mocks and analyze it well. For phase 2, practicing daily descriptive mocks is important. Even for interview, one must give mocks.

Q. What is your advice to the future aspirants?

I would like to wish everyone “All the best”. I just believe, consistency is the key. Understand the RBI Syllabus thoroughly and then devise a strategy that works best for you. Work towards it without fail and believe in yourself. This is a long journey but just work towards it.

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