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RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Gorakh Jayswal – Introduction

He has done his graduation from NIT, Durgapur. He is an engineer who worked as a Scale I Officer in Punjab National Bank (PNB) for three years. Post that, he worked for 2 years in EPFO as Assistant Section Officer (ASO). Presently he is working in IIFCL as Assistant Manager. He didn’t have any background in UPSC. He scored around 232 marks in RBI Grade B 2023. Without a finance background, he cleared finance exams. Go through the complete blog for RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Gorakh Jayswal journey from PNB to RBI with pit stops at EPFO & IIFCL.

RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Gorakh Jayswal – Q&A

Check out the Q&A session with RBI Grade B 2023 Topper Gorakh Jayswal below:

Q. Many aspirants struggles with Finance section a lot but you scored the maximum marks in Finance section. How did you manage that?

Talking about FM in RBI, the aspirants gets confused about the sources of preparation. First & Foremost, one must go through the syllabus and complete on the static portion of key subjects. Along with that, I focused on every circular of RBI be it for NBFCs, Banks, etc. Also, I revised them 4-5 times. The current affairs related to Finance were also on my fingertips. I was very satisfied when I wrote the descriptive answer that I prepared well with this strategy.

Q. Did you think of preparing for the banking and regulatory exams when you completed your graduation?

No, when I graduated in 2014, I started working in a management consulting firm and then I got an opportunity to work in banking and financial sector consulting. When I looked at the syllabus, I thought this is doable, that is when my interest got developed. When I joined PNB, then I came to know about RBI Grade B Exam, so slowly I aligned my career towards it. From 2019, I started my preparation and now after 3 years, I achieved my goal. I would like to add that in 2017, paper was difficult and IBPS does not release the question paper and answer key so Oliveboard was the one platform which helped me a lot. Oliveboard is doing wonderful by making the preparation at ease for the aspirants.

Q. How should a student approach for the preparation?

When I was new to this, I also got confused with the material available. For Phase 1 GA, 3-4 months Current Affairs is required. Along with it, Govt Schemes, daily PIB is necessary. For QRE, I will suggest all the aspirants to give mock tests only if the basics is clear. You need to analyze the mock tests only. Pick easy questions first. For Phase 2, Govt Schemes is important but one must be thorough with it. Compilations are a good source of preparation. One must cover the syllabus only. It is important to have 4-5 revisions which many aspirants fail to do.

Q. Competition and difficulty is increasing but I want to clear the RBI Grade B 2024 Exam despite being an average student. What is the solution to this?

For those candidates, they must keep their sources limited and remain in the present. They must be familiar with the syllabus and analyze at least last 2 years papers. This exam is based on analytical questions mainly, it is not like UPSC so one must understand that. Also, revision is a must. One must read Current Affairs and others 2-3 times so the difficult part will become easy.

Q. How to manage time for integrated preparation of Phase 1 & Phase 2?

One must not wait for the notification to come. It will come and go and the same is happening from many years. You need to have at least 6 months time of preparation. You must prepare for Phase 2 properly as Phase 1 GA is covered with Phase 2 preparation. In the last 1-2 months, one must prepare for Phase 1 and do revisions. Practice questions with time limit.

Q. How to cover the data or statistics? Any tips.

There are many govt schemes that were there but relaunched. Mostly the year in which they got launched, re launched, aim of the scheme, etc are asked. When you read the govt schemes from either PIB or compilations, one must read it twice or thrice at least so that the data remains in the mind.

Q. What are the challenges did you face during RBI Grade B Journey?

I am a married person and I am in a job completely. So, aspirants like me must take out their time. In a day, there are 24 hours, out of which 8-10 hours will go in job and 7-8 hours will go in sleep, the remaining time must be spent in the studies. Alongwith all these things, one must also focus on one’s health. Since this is the aim, one must go on. No external motivation is required, even if you get it, it won’t help you in long term.

Q. How important are mock tests? How to analyze them?

Mock tests are extremely important. You get aware of the subjects through mock tests. Also, you get to know about the difficult questions. Personally, I feel like CAT Level questions are also asked and mock tests is the only source that helps you score good. For Phase 2, descriptive and objective questions are asked, so I feel around 5-6 mocks are important. Though there are many sources are available in the market, I have taken Oliveboard’s Mock Test. I have purchased Oliveboard’s Test Series.

Q. How to manage revision of such a huge syllabus?

I think one must break the complete syllabus in small parts. I divided ESI into Economics, Social Issues and from Finance point of view. The awareness of the topic gets increased when you have given 4-5 months in preparation. For long term, motivation is required. One must spent 3-4 or at max 5 revisions are important.

Q. Was there any specific question asked in interview?

I wrote in my biodata that I love to write about the people whom I meet so they suddenly asked, now, about whom will you write. I instantly answered that I will write about the retired executive director sir as this is my 2nd meeting with him and I went through many of his videos. Everyone in the panel laughed and it shaped the tone of the complete interview.

Q. How did Oliveboard help you in your entire journey?

As I said earlier, Oliveboard understood the need of the aspirant. I am very thankful to Oliveboard for the mock tests they provide. It helped me clear exams. Especially for Prelims, Oliveboard’s mock tests resemble with the actual difficulty of the exam. Right from bank to RBI Grade B, Oliveboard has been a part of my journey. I am very thankful to Oliveboard and the entire team.

Q. What will be your advice to future aspirants?

For repeaters, I want to convey that I was one of you and now I am selected. So, do not stop and keep moving. This exam tests your mental strength and knowledge, you will clear the exam if you do not give up. For Freshers, do not go for many sources. Identify the right sources and clear your basics first. There are many aspirants who cleared the exam in first attempt. 4-5 months Current Affairs, Govt Schemes must be covered.

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